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Meet Nala! She’s a sweet 3 year old girl from Connecticut. Nala was adopted as a stray by her mom, Laurel.

A friend of Laurel’s was feeding Nala outside an apartment complex.

He couldn’t adopt her because he already had two cats, so he reached out to Laurel for help.

Laurel knew a harsh winter was coming. She saw a picture of Nala and the rest is history!

Nala’s hobbies include sleeping, looking out the window, and occasionally playing with a wand. Her favorite treats are Greenies!

Nala doesn’t understand toys because she was adopted as an adult.

She didn’t have the opportunity to play with toys when she was a stray kitten. Instead, she entertains herself in other ways!

Nala is terrified of men, but she has grown to love Laurel’s son very much. Nala is a wonderful companion.

We’re proud to call Nala a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!