Ricky Gervais Opens His Heart to New Cat After Grieving Loss of Former Cat

Ricky Gervais Opens His Heart to New Cat After Grieving Loss of Former Cat

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There are many couples who love their cat, but few are more vocal than Ricky Gervais and long-time girlfriend Jane Fallon. 

They often tweeted about the various exploits of their energetic girl, a Burmese mix named Ollie. 

“My & My Mum have been playing hide & seek for hours but I must have hidden so well she can’t find Me! MUUUM!!!” Ollie said one day. 

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During other days, she played the role of her dad’s “assistant”, begged fans for tuna (but don’t tell Mom!), and wished fellow celebrity felines and canines a happy birthday.

Sadly, Ollie passed away in March 2020, shortly before her own 17th birthday. 

Ricky and Jane shared some of their favorite moments with Ollie in the weeks following her death, ranging from everyday events to charity raffles and more. 

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“Just had to say goodbye to the sweetest little soul I’ve ever known,” Ricky said. 

“My heart is broken in two. I have no idea what I’m going to do without her by my side,” echoed Jane.

Honoring her memory, the couple threw themselves into animal welfare and rescue work. 

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Part of this included fostering cats and volunteering with Feline Friends UK, a charity shelter that takes in vulnerable cats and those at risk of unnecessary euthanasia across London.

Ricky and Jane’s lives changed forever when they brought Ollie home; and though they didn’t know it yet, their lives would change again when they began fostering Catkins. 

In October, Ricky said that the couple was “fostering this little beauty for a few days until she goes to her forever home.” 

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More pictures of Catkins followed, until he shocked his friends, family, and fans alike with sudden (but happy) news: “Quick update on the cat we’re fostering: She keeps getting on my lap and staring at me. We’re keeping her.” 

Jane confirmed the news later on by revealing the new name they had picked for Catkins: Picklicious Fatkins the First, or Pickle for short.

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Pickle has since settled in and loves her new home. She often joins the couple for morning snuggles and afternoon workouts— in between snack breaks, of course. 

She’s also following Ollie’s spunky footsteps by starting her very own Twitter and chronicling her new life online. 

“I’m going to meet someone called ‘The Vet’ in a minute! I don’t know who that is but it sounds very exciting!” she said in one of her first posts.

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Though Pickle is new to the family, it’s obvious that she, Ricky, and Jane are a perfect match.

Ricky and Jane will never forget Ollie. They cherish their memories with her and miss her dearly. 

Pickles honors Ollie’s legacy – Ricky and Jane are so happy they opened their hearts to a new fur baby. 

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10 Replies to “Ricky Gervais Opens His Heart to New Cat After Grieving Loss of Former Cat”

  1. I’m so glad Ricky and jane have taken in Pickles. 28 years ago I lost Toby. I went to a farm years before having heard the farm ‘mouser’ had kittens, and asked for a girl – this huge farmer said they’re all behind a pallet leaning against a wall. He put his arm behind the pallet and suddenly shouted, “ouch!”, pulling his arm out I saw a ting bundle of fur clinging to his thumb. It was a boy but I thought he’s the one and took him home. I loved him dearly and I believe he loved me. I was heartbroken when he died years later but have since had other beautiful ‘babies’. I believe that losing such a pet doesn’t mean we should never have another. Toby will always be in my heart but now I have Mimi, she was a tiny kitten laying on a puddle outside a railway station in Changzhou, China. She could not walk but my wife nurtured her and after a few weeks she stumbled along. She will always have nerve damage in her back but she walks and jumps fine even if she does tremble like a jelly. She is loved and will have her little box in my heart along with Toby and others, Well done Ricky always share your heart there re so many out there still looking for a good, forever home and I’m glad Pickles is not one of them. David

  2. I am sorry that Ollie died, but I am happy you have Pickles. I am sure that he will be happy with you both for a long time. God bless.

  3. The most beautiful thing you can do for the memory of a beloved pet who has died, is immediately go out and pick another rescue cat or dog. Right away, because cats and dogs are being put down every day because of overcrowding in shelters. Do it for your lost baby. Do it to save the precious life of the shelter animal, and do it for yourself as it will help to heal that broken heart.

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