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Paralyzed Kitten Found Struggling on Streets Clings to Rescuers & Won’t Let Go

Paralyzed Kitten Found Struggling on Streets Clings to Rescuers & Won’t Let Go

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In July of 2020, an Arkansas woman came across a kitten in horrible condition. 

The poor kitten had lost all hope.

Her back legs were paralyzed and she struggled to move as she laid helplessly in the heat covered by maggots. 

The woman immediately sprung into action. 

Keep reading to see how a kind hearted woman’s determination saved this kitten from a short life of suffering. 

A Shocking Discovery

Stephanie Pinkerton, a local cat rescuer in Arkansas, received disturbing news from a friend about an immobilized kitten who had been spotted at a gas station.

“She sent me a message asking if I knew anyone who could take a kitten with two possibly broken back legs,” Stephanie shared. 

“It was about 30 minutes up the road, and I just couldn’t not help,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie dropped everything and rushed to the gas station to see the kitten.

Rushing to the Rescue

The original rescuers assumed the kitten simply had broken legs. 

When Stephanie pulled up, she could tell there was much more to the story. 

“The legs weren’t working, but what shocked me was the fact that she was covered in maggots,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie knew she had to act fast.

“We had to move immediately. There was no time for small talk,” Stephanie recalled.

Realizing the urgency of this kitten’s situation, Stephanie sprang into action. 

She brought the kitten to a fellow rescuer who could help stabilize her until the vet opened.

Getting Cleaned Up

Stephanie and her friend got to work clearing the maggots off the poor kitten. 

They cleaned the filth off of her fur and removed any maggots they could see.

They gave her medicine for the rest of the parasites until she could see a vet.

Throughout all of her treatment, the kitten barely made a peep.

“She was so good,” Stephanie shared. “It broke my heart seeing how bad she was suffering.” 

The kitten somehow knew she was safe and finally in good hands. 

After they cleaned the kitten up, Stephanie took her home and got her settled for the night.

Stephanie named the sweet girl Vivian. 

“I offered her food,” Stephanie said. “She ate like a champ. She was starving.”

A Fighting Chance 

Stephanie took Vivian to the first available vet the next morning. 

She dropped off the kitten and received a call from the vet surprisingly soon afterward. 

Stephanie knew a call this early couldn’t be good news…

“He told me he had seen many similar cases and they are usually not good outcomes,” Stephanie said. “He said that the best option was to euthanize her.”

Stephanie refused to take this as an answer. 

She was determined to give Vivian a fighting chance!

A Second Opinion

Vivian had proven to Stephanie that she had the will to live, and Stephanie was going to do everything in her power to make it happen.

Stephanie brought Vivian to another vet for a second opinion. 

After taking some x-rays, Stephanie’s vet confirmed that Vivian did not have any broken bones. 

Stephanie suspected that Vivian’s paralysis in her back legs was caused by something else. 

She was hopeful that physical therapy could help Vivian regain her mobility. 

While Vivian was still suffering a severe parasite infestation and infected wounds, her future was looking much better. 

With a second opinion, Stephanie was assured that she had made the right decision.

Happily Ever After

Vivian began an intense treatment regimen for her parasite infestation. 

Stephanie also worked diligently to treat the wounds Vivian had on her hind quarters.

With the help of another rescuer, Vivian slowly started to gain mobility in her hind legs after several weeks of consistent physical therapy. 

“My friend sets up obstacle courses for her to learn to walk through,” Stephanie shared.

Vivian is in much better condition, but she still has a long way to go.

She still cannot walk on her own.

Stephanie is unsure if Vivian will ever gain full mobility in her back legs, but she is worth the time and effort.

Because of Stephanie’s love, patience, and determination, Vivian is alive today. 

When she’s healthy enough, she will be spayed and prepared for adoption.

She already has a forever home lined up who will take care of her special needs. 

Vivian knows she will never suffer ever again. 

Now that she is safe and cared for, she can enjoy her life as a spunky, sweet kitten. 

About Our Hero

Stephanie Pinkerton is a selfless independent rescuer committed to rescuing cats and kittens in life threatening emergencies.

Had Stephanie not been so quick to the rescue, Vivian would have suffered a horrible death on the streets.

Stephanie is committed to preventing the miserable cycle of suffering and neglect caused by overpopulation.

All her rescue cats are spayed/neutered before finding their forever homes.

However, Stephanie is entirely self funded.

She relies on kind individuals to donate food, funds, and other essential supplies for her to continue rescuing cats.

Please consider donating an item directly to Stephanie through her Amazon Wishlist.

If you would like to donate toward a kitten’s spay/neuter or medical needs, please click here to help Stephanie continue her life saving missions.

Be sure to join Stephanie’s Facebook group and keep up with all her latest rescue kittens!

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Sharing is caring!

Mary Ann

Friday 9th of July 2021

Thanks for renewing my faith in people. I am so tired of all this animal abuse everywhere. I do not understand how people could ignore such a cutie. But thanks to u I really do feel better. Thanks again for all your love! Let’s spread it all around. Ignoring this kind of situation does not make it go away. I have a warm feeling in my heart that was caused by your actions. Keep your special kindness going. Thank u so much from the bottom of my ❤️. You are greatly loved and will receive many special blessings.

Molly L. Kasun

Thursday 8th of July 2021

KITTEN LIVES MATTER, like crazy. Thanks for having a heart Miss Stephanie. Best of luck to the baby girl. She deserves to live, taste treats, bat at toys, and have loving scritches behind her ears. She can still have quality of life. Bless you girl.

Vendetta Holman DresselVe

Wednesday 7th of July 2021

I have 15 rescued and adopted cats plus another stray I just trapped. Our area is full of homeless cats and dogs being dumped! I just pray that at 70 years old I can continue helping these animals.


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

I am glad that Vivian had a second chance of living. There are good people who really care and people that don't want to give these animals a second chance of living. About every time these kittens or cats always have a second chance of living. God bless!!

Michael Freitas

Monday 7th of September 2020

I'm so glad that Little Princess Vivian is safe and happy. I hope that she regains the use of her back legs and has a very long and happy life. Best Wishes and God Bless You Little Princess Vivian. Take Care ??