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Meet our newest kitty of the week, Sandy!

She’s a sweet 9 month old girl from Florida. Keep reading learn more about little Sandy’s rescue journey.

Sandy’s Story

Sandy was rejected by her mom when she was only 4 weeks old.

When Sandy’s human mom, Shirley, discovered her, she was cold, hungry, and lost.

Shirley didn’t waste any time. She jumped into action and rescued the abandoned kitten who would soon be her own.

As Shirley saw Sandy, she gently picked her up and wrapped her in a towel.

She kept the kitten warm on the way home and gave her a much needed bath.

Sandy was starving! Who knows how long she’d been without food. Her new mom made sure her belly was full and let her rest.

It had been stressful journey for the 4-week-old kitten and she deserved a nice, long nap.

The next day they were off to the vet for a checkup. The worst was over!

Sandy was ready to go home with her new mom and be showered with love and attention!

Shirley decided to name her new kitten “Sandy” because of the color of her fur. She is a beautiful, sandy white lynx piont Siamese.

Sandy’s hobbies are mostly centered around eating. She loves to eat.

She loves to indulge in Friskies chicken & gravy wet food as her main course and Temptations treats as a snack.

Shirley describes Sandy as incredibly loving and affectionate. Sandy knows Shirley saved her life and she is very grateful for her new mom.

Now they are inseparable! Shirley and Sandy will create many beautiful memories for years to come.

We’re proud to call Sandy a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!


Wednesday 10th of March 2021

people who rescue animals to become companions for life are the most wonderful of people

Suzanne Roussel

Monday 8th of March 2021

Thank you for saving her so adorable and sweet precious ? baby ? God bless you for saving her ?

Michael Freitas

Monday 8th of March 2021

So glad that Little Miss Sandy found a Loving Forever Home and Family. Take Care and God Bless. Best Wishes and Good Luck ??