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7 Signs Your Cat Is Happy

7 Signs Your Cat Is Happy

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Cats aren’t always the easiest to read! They have their own way of communicating with us…one we may not always understaned.

So how do you know when your cat is happy?

Cats show they’re happy with special signals.

Keep reading to discover the 7 biggest signs that your cat is happy!

1. The Chatter

You can tell alot about how a cat is feeling from vocal clues. Happy kitties talk to their owners by meowing.

In fact, adult cats meow exclusively to communicate with humans – they do not meow to communicate with other cats.

A happy cat will use a normal high pitched meow to say hello. A stressed cat will hiss or have a deep meow.

2. Purring

Humans smile, dogs wag their tails, and cats purr. Purring while a cat is close to you or getting a chin rub means he/she very content and relaxed.

DANGER ALERT: Cats may also purr when they are injured or sick in an attempt to comfort or heal themselves.

Always make sure your cat is purring in the right context. If your cat is purring in unusual circumstances, contact your vet.

3. Let the Eyes Talk

Cat eyes are very expressive. A frightened cat’s pupils will enlarge and their eyes will be wide open.

Meanwhile, a relaxed cat often looks sleepy and blinks slowly.

Eye kisses: Your cat might look at you with its eyes half open or blink slowly when it’s feeling extra happy and relaxed.

This is a sign that your cat trusts you. These slow blinks can be thought of as kitty kisses!

4. They’re Curious

A curious cat is a happy cat. It is important for cats, especially kittens, to explore their environment.

Outside cats have more opportunities for exploration, but inside cats get just as much stimulation.

They might lose interest in old toys, but they’re quick to sniff your bag, clothes, food, or new objects in the house.

5. Their Posture

Happy cats are quick to roll around and show you their belly. They might even tuck their paws in and perch on your couch.

These are signs that your cat is feeling happy and comfortable with their environment.

6. They’re Playful

Playfulness is a great sign of a healthy, happy kitty. Cats enjoy playing with other pets or people they trust.

They might even nip your leg to tell you they’re ready for playtime.

Playing is an opportunity for cats to develop physical coordination and learn more about their environment.

7. Their Nap Spots

If your cat chooses you as a cuddle buddy, they’re very happy in your company.

Cats sleep up to ⅓ of their lives – healthy cats need plenty of naps. Cats will sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours each day!

WARNING: Sleeping more than the usual amount may be a sign that your cat is depressed or injured.

Contact your vet if you notice any unusual sleep patterns.

QUESTION: What does your cat do when he/she is happy? Tell us in the comments below!

Summary: 7 Signs Your Cat is Happy

  1. Being vocal
  2. Purring
  3. Curiosity
  4. Showing their belly
  5. Playfulness
  6. Sleeping close to you
  7. Slowly blinking in your company

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Wednesday 10th of March 2021

My cat purrs wants to be loved blinks their eyes. Sleeping close to me especially when I am not feeling well. I love them all!!!

Asti T Custard

Sunday 7th of March 2021

Strangely as it sounds, when I am cuddling with my Aries baby, she'll be purring and like looking up at me and I'll be kissing her forehead and running my nose on her head and one hand will be running the bridge of her nose and rubbing her under her neck and she's loudly putting as she looks up to try and nibble at my face. I know when she's loudly purring that the nibble attempt is coming soon after lol. Gosh I just love her and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

Julie Hammond

Sunday 7th of March 2021

2,4,6 and 7 When my cat is super happy or I pet her and hug her, her pitch of purr changes to a very high pitched purr. Its super funny,loud and cute.

Clara Elton Sharp

Sunday 7th of March 2021

I have 4 cats, all rescued of coarse. One is a kitten who took over my home several months ago, she is black and named Comet. I also have another black cat named ChiChi, who I've had for several years. I am a part time nurse, and I have not worked in a year. I expect to return soon. ChiChi is extremely attached to me. Very affectionate, and purrs constantly. She helped Comet learn to be a cat. I'm concerned that ChiChi will be anxious and depressed when I return to work. Is there anything I can do to make it easier for her?


Saturday 6th of March 2021

I have three cats and we live in our RV full time. All three of my cats are rescues and all have different personalities. I love them all for their special traits. Bogie my male is a lap cat and very chatty, Birdie his sister is my snuggle baby, she is all black small and sleeps under my covers every night right next to me tummy, Cleo is my eldest and is a head butter and very skittish . I have the best dog Bella who puts up with all of them.She thinks she’s a cat?