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Sick Cross-Eyed Cat Follows Woman Home & Shown Love for Very First Time

Sick Cross-Eyed Cat Follows Woman Home & Shown Love for Very First Time

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In the summer of 2015, a two year old stray cat followed a woman home while she was out walking her dog. 

Just looking for a little love, he hadn’t even realized yet that this decision would change his life for the better forever.

Read on to hear about how this little cross-eyed kitty found a way off of the streets!

Just Tagging Along

On a hot June afternoon in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a local shelter rescue and foster volunteer was out taking her dog for a walk.

While she was out, a stray cat approached her and started following her.

He must have known she could help, because he followed her all the way home.

Courtesy of Holly

When she realized he was friendly and wanted some attention, she got a better look at him.

This poor baby definitely wasn’t doing too well.

He seemed to be around 2 years old, but was extremely skinny, and obviously had ringworm and fleas. 

But, despite being down on his luck, he seemed to maintain a chipper, playful attitude.

Courtesy of Holly

Because of his crossed eyes and goofy demeanor, it didn’t take long for her to give him the name Homer, after Homer Simpson.

She took him to the vet as quickly as she could and had him neutered, cleaned, and treated for fleas and ringworm. 

While he was at the vet, she set up for a foster to come and take over from there. 

Courtesy of Holly

Finding a Foster

The foster who originally agreed to pick up this cat fell through last minute.

The woman had no idea what to do and was struggling to think of other options.

She couldn’t keep the cat while he finished out his ringworm medication, because she was taking care several cats already and couldn’t risk a ringworm outbreak. 

Courtesy of Holly

The shelter also couldn’t take the cat in for similar reasons.

But, she remembered one other person who might be able to help: Holly Dodson, a pre-veterinary student volunteering in the area.

Holly agreed to foster the cat for the three weeks it would take to get the ringworm out of his system. 

Homer soon moved house to live with Holly and Hammy, Holly’s dog. 

Courtesy of Holly

A Change of Plans

Holly was happy to help and wanted to make sure that Homer got the care he needed.

But, she needed the original rescuer to take care of him once the ringworm was gone. 

However, it seems she had underestimated Homer’s charm. 

Courtesy of Holly

“She actually called me after the three week foster period was up to see when she could get him and I said ‘never’ because I’m keeping him,” Holly shared. 

She fell in love with Homer during his treatment and he’s been living with her ever since!

Courtesy of Holly

Homer’s Journey

Homer moved to Louisiana with Holly for vet school.

Homer is lucky to live with Holly, who is now a veterinarian and can take care of all his special needs.

Now, Homer spends most of his days inside with supervised outdoor play time.

Courtesy of Holly

His favorite thing to do is ride around in the car with Holly’s other cat, Valentino, and her dog, Hammy.

Homer, Valentino, and Hammy are all best friends!

When they’re not playing together, you can find them snuggled up on the couch or in a laundry basket. 

Holly continues to treasure Homer and we know he’ll live the rest of his days in healthy, chunky, happiness!

Courtesy of Holly

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Sharing is caring!


Monday 14th of June 2021

Thank you for saving this precious beautiful cat

David Barnard

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

Well done Holly & Homer. With all the horror animals go through daily in this so called civilised world it is wonderful to hear some happy endings. I wish their were a lot more Holly's and others like the lady who first rescued her..... I have asked before but is it possible to make these individual stories capable of being shared on sites such as Facebook? Every day I hear of cruelty and abuse toward animals globally, we could all do with some refreshing positive stories


Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

What a great story.

Suzanne Roussel

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

So adorable and precious lucky he is doing well and has a good safe home.


Tuesday 21st of April 2020

Thank you for saving this precious sweetheart,Such a beautiful cat ?.I love a Happy Ending