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Meet Speul! He’s a 2 year old boy from Tennessee. Speul was found with his 5 brothers and sisters as newborn kittens with no mom in an abandoned garage.

They were bottle fed around the clock for almost 3 weeks, and then Speul came home to his new mom, Terri. The rest is history!

Speul likes to drink tap water and “wash his face”. Speul is somewhat of a an athlete too. He likes to to hurdle across the apartment at 7:30am, covering roughly 800 square feet of apartment!

Before his morning run, he wakes his mom up at 7am for breakfast. “No” is not an option. Finally, he takes a well earned nap around 9am.

His favorite food is Purina Naturals. In fact, he refuses to eat anything else.

His favorite snacks are Pounce soft treats and an occasional dollop of frozen yogurt.

We’re proud to call Speul a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!