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Meet Stella! She’s a sweet and adventurous 3 year old girl from Missouri. Stella was adopted by her mom, Jennie, from the Humane Society.

Sadly, Stella’s sister, Oreo, passed the rainbow bridge earlier this year. Both Jennie and Stella were devastated.

Jennie suffered the loss of a fur baby and Stella lost her sister and dearest companion.

Stella and Oreo

However, in April of 2019, Jennie introduced a little tuxedo kitten named Buster into their family.

Now Stella has a little brother to play with and keep her company!

Stella’s new brother, Buster

Stella enjoys playing with Buster and chasing him around the house.

She also enjoys gazing out the window at birds and taking naps in the sunshine.

Her favorite food is Purina Indoor dry food and Temptations treats.

We’re proud to call Stella a National Kitty!

Stella (left) & Buster (right)

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