Meet Suki – The Most Adventurous Cat In The World

Meet Suki – The Most Adventurous Cat In The World

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Meet Suki, the cat who is probably more well traveled than you!

Keep reading to discover how this adventurous Bengal has captured hearts all over the world!

Humble Beginnings

Suki’s story starts in Alberta, Canada. Suki’s mom, Marti, and her partner adopted Suki after their previous cat passed away.

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The couple loved to hike and go on trips, and they wanted a cat with high energy who could join the fun.

Most domestic cats are perfectly content with enjoying the sunshine through a window, but Bengals are known for thriving outdoors. 

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On March 28, 2017, Marti and her partner’s life changed forever. They brought Suki into their home and they have been inseparable since.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

Marti and her partner knew Suki would be a perfect addition to their little family!

How Is Suki So Well Behaved?

After seeing Suki in some of the world’s most beautiful outdoor destinations, one starts to wonder how she’s so well trained.

Marti spent a tremendous amount of time training Suki to respond to her commands and use a leash.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

She started training Suki when she was a kitten. Suki is now a master at navigating the outdoors on a leash.

According to Marti, she gets very excited when she sees her leash by the door.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

Adventure Cat

Suki is now a 3 year old with a bold spirit and appetite for adventure. 

Upon scrolling through her Instagram photos, you can find this beautiful Bengal traveling the world with her mom.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

She has traveled throughout her native country of Canada, Europe, and South America.

She loves nature and enjoys hiking and canoeing with her parents.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

Sometimes she’ll simply tag along to enjoy the scenery from her special backpack-carrier.

Suki has stolen the hearts of millions of her followers and she loves them as much as they love her.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

She’s not shy around people and loves to interact!

In fact, Marti takes Suki on adventures in the early morning so she’s not as distracted by all the love and attention other hikers give her. 

Courtesy of @sukiicat

Suki’s Mission

Marti wants to encourage others to get outside with their cats. Cats aren’t given enough credit.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

Cats are very intelligent and perfectly capable of being trained. Suki is breaking the lazy cat stereotype!

Marti is proud of Suki and all that she has accomplished.

She has inspired many cat owners to spend quality time with their cats and enjoy safe, supervised time outdoors.

Courtesy of @sukiicat

Be sure to follow Suki on Instagram to keep up with all her latest adventures!

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14 Replies to “Meet Suki – The Most Adventurous Cat In The World”

  1. I know cats are smart and trainable, because when I lived in California I had 2 black kitties 1 female and 1 male and they loved walking on their leashes.
    One of the kitties I have now will respond by his name of course he was raised by my corgi so he really thinks he is a corgi not a kitty.

  2. I love that Suki goes do many places. I live on the water and had a Bengal cat who caught fish her whole life. You had to watch your step or you knight step on a dead fish out worse a live one! Keep up the traveling Suki.

  3. Where did you find a Bengal to adopt? Beautiful cat. I had a Siamese who loved to walk on his leash. I would keep him out of the porch on a leash with the door open. He would fetch better than a dog. Thank you for sharing your pics.

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