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10 Facts About Cats Almost No One Knows

10 Facts About Cats Almost No One Knows

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1. They Have Amazing Night Vision

Cats can have 8 times as many rod cells than humans, allowing them to see much better in low light.

They’re elliptical pupils and a structure called “tapetum lucidum” help collect more light back to the retina for better night vision.

It’s because of this that cats are some of nature’s best nocturnal hunters!

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2. Cats Show Affection With Their Eyes

When your cat gazes at you with its eyes half closed or blinks slowly, it’s a sign of trust!

It means they are relaxed and content around you.

These slow blinks can be thought of as kitty kisses!


3. The Oldest Known Pet Cat is From 9,500 Years Ago

Most people think the Egyptians domesticated cats, but the oldest record of a pet cat is from 9,500 years ago in Cyprus, Greece.

This predates Egyptian cats by 4,000 years!

Image by Kiara M. Newman

4. A French Cat Was Sent on a Space Mission

Félicette, also known as “Astro Cat” was the first and only cat to visit outer space.

Electrodes wired in her brain sent signals of neurological activity back to earth.

Her mission was in 1963 and she made it back safely!

Image Source

5. Cats Hear Better Than Dogs.

Cats can hear two octaves higher than humans and 1 octave higher than dogs.

Ever notice how your cat’s ears twitch and turn? This is because cat ears are like satellite dishes turning to pick up a signal.

Cats are constantly alert thanks to their incredible hearing abilities! This is is only one of the reasons they make such talented predators.

Image by Gregory Breton

6. Egyptian Cats Had Elaborate Funerals

In ancient Egypt, the family of a deceased cat would mourn by shaving off their eyebrows and having a burial ceremony. T

hey would mummify the cat along with some mice to keep them company in the afterlife.

Image Source

7. Cat Brains are More Similar to Human Brains than Dog Brains

Human brains and cat brains have a very similar structure.

Cats and humans have identical regions of the brain responsible for emotion.

They even have the capacity for short-term and long-term memory, just like humans!

Image Source

8. Some Cats Like Water!

Some cats in hot climates like to cool off by taking a dip. For example, Turkish Vans love to swim and hunt fish.

Most cats don’t like water because their fur is not water resistant, but the Turkish Van has a water resistant coat.

This doesn’t mean you should take your cat swimming anytime soon, but an occasional bath wouldn’t hurt!

Image Source

9. Cats Sweat Through Their Paws

Cats don’t have sweat glands all over their body like humans do. Instead, they sweat through their paws.

A sweaty cat may leave behind wet paw-prints!

Since their paws have very little surface area, they take extra steps to stay cool like finding a shady spot or laying down on cool surfaces.

10. Cats Can’t Taste Sweet Things

Cats are the only known mammals who do not have taste receptors for sweetness.  

A 2005 study found that cats lack the amino acids needed to make the sugar detector gene.

This is true for all cats- lions, tigers, and leopards included.

Image Source

QUESTION: Did one of these facts surprise you? Leave your answer in the comments below! 

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Kim Groom

Monday 19th of July 2021

I thought those stories were cute. Some of them are true. Cats love us in there own way.

Sasha Whitefur

Tuesday 11th of May 2021

I knew almost all of them!

Linda Berry

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

My 13 year old Maine Coon loves cake... never chocolate though. He won't eat a lot... but he loves it.

Mimi Rogers

Thursday 7th of November 2019

I didnt know cats sweat thru their paws! And not surprised re cats/human brains. My cat was super smart. ??

Wanda Edgins

Thursday 24th of October 2019

Yes cats can tell when we are sad and they try very hard to make us feel better.