Tiny Deaf Kitten Adopted by 2 Deaf Cats Who Promise to Protect Him Forever

Tiny Deaf Kitten Adopted by 2 Deaf Cats Who Promise to Protect Him Forever

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Born outside and the only survivor of his family, a newborn kitten named King was saved by a rescue center in North Carolina, Sparkle Cat Rescue.

Keep reading to discover King’s beautiful journey to finding the perfect family!

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

A Rough Start

As soon as the kitten arrived at the rescue center, he was taken directly to the emergency vet.

He was in terrible condition and was running out of time. 

He was underdeveloped, weak, and suffered from an awful maggot infestation.

Sarah Kelly, A foster volunteer of Sparkle Cat Rescue, was astounded by his strong spirit.

Even though he was pain, he clung to his rescuer and made biscuits.

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

A True Fighter

Despite all the pain he was going through, rescuers saw that he had the will to live.

He wasn’t going to give up so easily! 

King was given medical treatment and a much-needed bath.

Most kittens would be fussy about this, but not King.

He gladly accepted the help from his rescuers. 

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

King had no problem latching onto his bottle. Everyone at the rescue facility could tell he was so grateful to be in good hands. 

The rescuers worked long and hard to ensure King had everything he needed for a healthy recovery.

It didn’t take long for him to start showing signs of improvement. Each day he was a little healthier! 

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

Trouble in Paradise

Around 3-4 weeks old, the veterinarians determined King was deaf, but not even that could break his spirit.

“He defeated all odds and defied the vet’s expectations! He survived and now he’s thriving,” Sarah said.

With the right home, being deaf wouldn’t affect his quality of life.

Keeping this in mind, rescuers started seeking the perfect home for King. 

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

The Perfect Family

Sarah Kelly contacted a woman named Christina Moody, who had two deaf cats of her own.

When she heard King’s story, she knew he was meant to be a part of their family.

Christina said to Love Meow, “Sarah told me about King. My immediate response was he needed my cats and I needed him.”

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Cuddle Buddies

The decision was made – King could become part of Christina’s family.

As soon as Christina opened King’s carrier, one of her cats (Snow) started to investigate.

From that moment on, Snow decided he would protect King. 

Courtesy of Christina Moody

“It was amazing. Everywhere King went, Snow was right there. They did a nose touch and licks within the first few hours being home. We were so pleasantly surprised.” Christina explained to Love Meow.

However, Bomba (Christina’s other deaf cat), needed a little more time to get used to having a new brother in the house. 

Courtesy of Christina Moody

Two days passed and Bomba started to come around. Soon enough, all three of them were inseparable. 

What’s even cuter is that King looks like a tinier version of Snow and Bomba!

All three of them are white.

All three cats are also deaf, therefore they share a special bond. 

Bomba and Snow seem to understand King’s needs as a deaf kitten.

They make sure he’s never alone and they’re always there to make sure he’s okay.

Courtesy of Christina Moody

Happily Ever After 

When King was rescued, he had a very small chance of surviving.

But with plenty of love and determination, King beat the odds and found a perfect home. 

Christina and her husband knew it was fate that brought King into their lives.

He belonged with them!

Courtesy of Sarah Kelly

Snow, Bomba, and King share an incredible bond.

It never ceases to amaze Christina’s family how much the three bothers love each other.

King will never have to worry about being alone or in danger ever again! He is tiny but mighty.

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20 Replies to “Tiny Deaf Kitten Adopted by 2 Deaf Cats Who Promise to Protect Him Forever”

  1. Absolutely precious. Three doll babies ❤️❤️❤️. We have a Siamise rescue named Jade Li and we just love her!! Love all animals and have had many many throughout the years. How empty and lonely it would be without them. ❤️❤️

  2. They are beautiful white . We had one years ago and loved him very much. Never did find another one ,but i would no reject onother.

  3. A wonderful story. Thank God for kind and loving people who take care and love needful little lives whom have no chance to survive on their own.

  4. So glad you saved King!! ♥️♥️ There’s a special place in heaven for you! God works in mysterious ways. He knew he needed to be with your two fur babies. Happy ending♥️♥️😻😻😻

  5. Such a wonderful story! What an amazing example of what TLC can do. I love all the stories you send out. Thank you so much! I am an animals right advocate and sooo believe in rescue and kindness to all animals ….

  6. If only thousands more would do this, and for little puppies as well. People have become indifferent to helping; for whatever there is. And the cruelty is beyond bearing. But this family showed that love can make anything bloom….

  7. So touching. I got a bit teary-eyed. And thank you for giving all your cats such an amazing life filled with love and kindness.

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