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Scared Kitten Rescued from Hole in Wall Purrs with Gratitude – Can’t Wait to Snuggle!

Scared Kitten Rescued from Hole in Wall Purrs with Gratitude – Can’t Wait to Snuggle!

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Our story begins with Kelsey McKnight, a rescue worker at Shuswap Paws Rescue who was was contacted about a strange rescue case.

A little kitten who was trapped in a hole in a barn wall at a nearby dairy farm and desperately needed help!

Stuck in a Bad Spot

The little kitten was terrified and had been crying from inside the wall for two days.

Kelsey knew she had to act quickly. Now it was just a matter of finding out where exactly the kitten was inside the wall.

Kelsey crawled into the attic and listened closely.

Soon she was able to locate where the crying was coming from: a dark, narrow hole.

“There was a hole down into the wall. It’s insulated with straw so nothing was blocking the hole in between the joists as the straw has been moved around and bedded down in by the cats and mice,” Kelsey told Love Meow.


Overcoming Obstacles

There was just one problem – the hole was out of reach.

The kitten was stuck at the bottom of the hole, about 8-10 feet from where Kelsey was. She couldn’t reach the kitten with her hands.

She started looking around for something that could help her reach the kitten.

She saw some baling twine and had an idea. She would tie a slip knot with a loop at the end and use it to fish out the kitten.

Kelsey waited patiently until the kitten had her leg and lead through the loop so she could be lifted out safely.

Thankfully, her plan worked! It was a success.


Finally Safe

The kitten was safe and ready to show her rescuer some love!

The newly rescued kitten couldn’t have been more grateful to finally free.

She showed Kelsey her appreciation by snuggling up in her arms and purring up a storm.

The sweet kitten never scratched her hissed. She knew she was in good hands.


Kelsey brought the kitten to her car and opened a can of food, which the hungry kitty quickly devoured.

Who could blame her? Who knows how long it had been since her last meal.

After the kitten ate her fill, she snuggled up to her rescuer for some much needed comfort and rest.

Kelsey spoke softly to the kitten who returned the favor by looking up at her with a loving gaze.

She was such a good little listener. It’s as if she knew exactly what Kelsey was saying.


Welcome Home

It was time for the kitten to go to her new foster home. A woman named Christine happily volunteered to foster her.

The newly rescued kitten was beyond grateful and happy to be in her new home.

She constantly purred and even became friends with Christine’s other foster kittens!


Even Christine’s pug came to welcome the newest family member with some snuggles!

This little kitten had no problem making friends. After all, she was irresistible!


Happily Ever After

This adorable little tabby had a shaky start, but she persevered.

What started as a nightmare ended like a fairytale.

Now she’s safe in wonderful home surrounded by people and fur-friends who promise to love and protect her!

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Sharing is caring!


Thursday 5th of August 2021

I am so glad that the little kitten found a good home. She is safe and in loving home by a family that loves that loves her.

Rita Tinka

Thursday 5th of August 2021

Thanks a million for a job well done so that this adorable kitten could be saved

Suzanne Roussel

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Thank you for saving her ? god bless you ? she is so adorable ? and sweet precious baby ?

Shelley Cloutier

Monday 17th of May 2021

Thank you so much for going above and beyond and saving this sweet precious kitten!! I love happy endings ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Monday 17th of May 2021

What a great story! So glad the kitten was rescued, and has a new furever home.