Toothless Cat Suffering Through Harsh Winter Saved by Woman Who Saw His True Beauty

Toothless Cat Suffering Through Harsh Winter Saved by Woman Who Saw His True Beauty

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In the winter of 2016, an Ohio resident received a heartbreaking call that would change her life forever.

A beautiful white cat was going from house to house begging for food and suffering through the harsh winter.

Keep reading to discover how this Ohio woman refused to let this cat suffer.

An Unusual Call

On a cold winter day in Ohio, Barbara Ferguson received a call from her friend who lived across town.

Her friend said there was a white cat living in her neighborhood going from her porch to the neighbors begging for food and shelter.

The woman had set up a box for him to sleep in and the neighbor had been feeding him.

The woman couldn’t take him in because her husband was allergic to cats.

After hearing this news from her friend, Barbara hung up the phone and took immediate action.

She prepared a carrier and headed across town to save him.

Sadly, catching the cat was harder than she thought.

At first, she was unsuccessful, but with the help of her son (David), she was able to catch the him and bring him home.

Barbara noticed he was in terrible condition and needed immediate medical attention.

The Road To Recovery

She scheduled a vet visit to get this sweet boy the care he deserved.

The vet concluded Murphy was roughly two years old.

At first, Barbara did not know her rescue cat was a boy. She mistook him for a girl and named him Molly.

The vet took at look at the cat and said, “I’ve never heard of a male cat named Molly”.

Without even thinking, she renamed him Murphy!

“I don’t know why I named him Murphy. It was the first name that popped in my head!” Barbara tells National Kitty.

Murphy’s Toothless Smile

Sadly, living outdoors had not treated poor Murphy well.

The vet said being malnourished for so long had caused Murphy’s teeth to rot. He had to have all but two of his teeth pulled.

Now Murphy sports a toothless smile that causes his little pink tongue to peep through his mouth!

“I get a lot of questions about Murphy’s mouth. People always wonder why he is toothless. I think he has a beautiful smile that makes him unique!” Barbara told National Kitty.

Murphy Escapes

A little after two weeks of being rescued, Murphy slipped through the door and escaped Barbara’s home.

Barbara was absolutely devastated.

She feared that Murphy had gone back to other side of town where he had been living as a homeless cat for so long.

She feared that Murphy had gone back to other side of town where he had been living as a homeless cat for so long.

Barbara and her son went looked everywhere for him. It was going to be a challenge.

Murphy’s white coat blended in with the snow! It would be impossible to find him.

Barbara and her son searched their own neighborhood and went back to the neighborhood they rescued him from.

He was nowhere to be found.

Just when Barbara had almost lost hope, something incredible happened…

Murphy’s Miraculous Return

Barbara had one more idea to get Murphy back.

She cracked open the garage door and left the door to her house open hoping Murphy would remember where he lived.

Not long afterward, Barbara’s son walked in the living room holding Murphy!

Murphy had sneaked back into the house and had been napping on Barbara’s bed.

He knew where home was after all!

Making Friends

Murphy is now six years old. He lives with his older sister, Maggie, and his baby Brother, Max.

He also has a new dog friend named Marley.

Murphy is a mild-mannered, sweet boy that loves to lay in Barbara’s lap. He’s regal and walks with his fluffy white tail high in the air.

For a cat that was found starving, Murphy is a very picky eater!

He only likes beef flavored food and won’t touch anything chicken or fish flavored.

He’s very sophisticated now!

Murphy’s Mystery

When Barbara found Murphy, he was already neutered and comfortable around humans.

This means he had belonged to someone at some point. Barbara often wonders how this beautiful boy ended up homeless.

Murphy’s past will always remain a mystery. However, all that matters is that he’s now in loving arms.

We’re so glad Murphy and Barbara found each other!

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28 Replies to “Toothless Cat Suffering Through Harsh Winter Saved by Woman Who Saw His True Beauty”

  1. Smart guy-he knew where home was. I could picture him going outside and thinking, ‘darn, it’s cold out here!’. Animals do so much better with things such as few or not teeth. I had a Yorkie who had to have all his teeth taken out when he came to live with me at around 10 years and my foster fail , Frankie the mini doxie, had 10 taken out right before he came at 9 years and 4 more few months later. Neither ever had a problem. Murphy is a beautiful guy and a lucky one.

  2. I pray for kitties like Murphy every night and God answered my prayers when you rescued him. You are an Angel and you gave him a second chance at life. Thank you so much.

  3. I love Murphy’s smile! He certainly is a content kitty now. Thank you for saving him and giving him the love he deserves!

  4. Thank you Barbara for loving and caring for this beautiful cat. May God bless you, your son and Murphy.

  5. I am so happy and grateful that you saved Murphy and that he is safe and happy and loved now!!
    He is an absolutely beautiful baby, as well as his sister Maggie! ???

  6. Murphy is one lucky fella! Someone had a big heart, and took him in, and showed him lotsa love ? What a fright he gave you sneaking out! But, all the love you had showed him, definitely paid off!! He knew where he was well off, and very much loved. Love happy endings ???

  7. I am glad that Murphy has a good home. There are a lot of good people out there who care. Then there are the mean people who will pay for what they did. I sure hope they like hot weather

  8. all my kitties have been homeless…its has been so exciting to see their transformations from bad shape to beautiful and all are probably not what you would expect as all feral babies. I work wiyh a big rescue that has feral colonies that on occasion have to be moved…right now I have around 50-60…most are outside and I have to large catteries where they have warm beds and all the food they can eat…I love them all. All are completely vetted…I am trying to catch some that the owner wants gone…he failed to make sure the stray cats he encouraged to come around weren’t fixed…I have 8 youngsters and I am going to try and catch 5 adults one that is pg again. Keep saving all the animals you can..they do not deserve to be homeless!!!

  9. I believe when he is fed it should be Pate instead of chunky food being that he is toothless. Mine eats the Primavera Medley chicken it also comes in beef flavor in the regular Fancy Feast food. Thank you for saving this beauty and keeping him. Thank you for your compassion!

  10. Thank you for sharing Murphy’s story.
    Every cat, kitten, dog and puppy should be so fortunate to be so loved as Murphy.

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