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Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Loving Cat Who Keeps Him Company on the Road

Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Loving Cat Who Keeps Him Company on the Road

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Life as a truck driver can certainly get lonely at times. 

And even Muninn Myrkvi, a self-described introvert, could feel this loneliness over time. 

He drives for GP Transco and travels all over the country, although he prefers to stay close to Indiana. 

Everything changed when fate offered a simple solution: adopting a travel buddy. 

Keep reading to discover how this lucky cat and lonely truck driver started a new life together on the road.

Life on the Road 

Muninn decided it was time for a travel companionship.

That’s what led him to then-six-year-old Pickles, a Maine Coon that Muninn’s friend needed to rehome in August of 2019. 

Pickles was fluffy, laid back, and affectionate. In other words, he was the perfect cat to join Muninn on his trips.

Pickles had never been in a truck before, but Muninn said it didn’t take him long for him to adjust. 

At first, Pickles was unsure about living in a moving truck. He was skittish and not quite used to life on the road.

But in less than a week, Pickles was getting the hang of it!

Courtesy of Muninn Myrkvi

He was exploring, settling into the passenger seat for nap time, and begging for on-the-road cuddles. 

Pickles still isn’t sure about those “scary” car washes, but he gets through them like a champ! 

There were some logistics that Muninn had to work out and learn the hard way, such as using non-traditional litter. 

All the challenges were well worth it. Muninn still recommends adopting a cat to other drivers! 

Making Memories

Now, Pickles likes to lay back and enjoy the view. 

Others enjoy seeing Pickles just as much as Muninn does! Muninn says people he meets during his trips love seeing his trusty companion. 

When they see Pickles, Muninn said their faces light up and wave to the sightseeing cat. 

Despite how special Pickles is to Muninn, cats accompanying truckers is a normal sight at GP Transco. 

The company has a lenient pet policy; drivers don’t have to pay extra to bring a special friend along. 

Muninn said truckers with travel pets are so common that they keep in touch to share the antics of their various travel buddies. 

Courtesy of Muninn Myrkvi

Pickles may not get into any mischief, but Muninn still has plenty of precious stories and pictures to share. 

The pictures of pickles snoozing in the sleeper bunk are enough to make anyone’s heart melt! 

Muninn and Pickles will share many more precious memories as their trucking journey continues.

They have a lifetime of adventures ahead of them!

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Molly Kasun

Thursday 15th of July 2021

The man and the cat are very good looking. Wish I could wave to them!

Mary Jane Binkley

Sunday 9th of May 2021

Such a heartwarming story. Cats are such loving creatures of GOD. Muninn is a special man and he and Pickles have a wonderful relationship. I love their story. ❤?

leta rosetree

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

welome resource

leta rosetree

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

good resource

Cathy Fuller

Sunday 28th of February 2021

So glad he found companionship and saved a cat in the process ! Glad they are both happy !