Stray Elderly Cat Wanders to Porch, Hides His Paws Until Someone Finally Notices

Stray Elderly Cat Wanders to Porch, Hides His Paws Until Someone Finally Notices

In this heart warming story you’ll meet Buster, a 10-year-old cat who had a big secret that would change his life forever.

A Lonely Tabby

One late October evening, in Ontario, New York a family noticed a little visitor taking rest on their porch. His paws were tucked underneath him, but he didn’t seem fearful.

They decided to call him Buster. He was very hungry. He gladly accepted the family’s food offering and gobbled up some tasty treats.

However, the family wondered why this sweet little visitor was hiding his paws…

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

The Shocking Truth

The truth was finally revealed. Upon closer inspection, they could see Buster’s paws were severely injured and he desperately needed help.

They couldn’t let him continue to suffer. Buster had appeared at their doorstep and they were determined to help.

They took Buster to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester for medical treatment and to solve the mystery of his injured paws.

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

The Mystery Remains

They finally received a diagnoses for Buster’s paws. They also discovered that Buster was a little older than the average stray – roughly 10 years old!

“Buster was suffering from Plasmacytic Pododermatitis – a condition that left his front paws raw and made walking very painful,” Lollypop Farm explained.

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However, it was clear that Buster had been in pain for a long time. His eyes were troubled and with each step he felt more agony.

To this day, no one knows where exactly this sweet ginger boy came from or what he had endured in his days leading up to his rescue. 

The Start of A New Life

Rescuers jumped right right to work. Treatment began and they were determined to bring this poor boy some relief.

Even though he was in excruciating pain, he was patient as the staff carefully cleaned and bandaged his delicate paws. 

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

The staff at Lollypop farm described Buster as a gentle and affectionate boy who is always purring. They can tell he is truly grateful to be there.

During his treatments, Buster wore a pair of mittens to help protect his paws while they healed. After a few weeks, his new paws were revealed!

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

But they weren’t quite finished. His paws were still delicate. Buster needed to wear a cone for a while so he wouldn’t try to scratch his paws.

“His paws are feeling SO much better, and soon, he will be ready to find a family. He celebrated his cone coming off by getting a tuna treat, and lots and lots of pets from our staff,” Lollypop Farm tells our source.

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

Buster, The Survivor

Less than two months and after starting treatment, Buster’s paws had completely healed and he was cone-free!

He celebrated with a nice tuna treat and lots of love from the staff. This affectionate ginger tabby is now a new healthy, happy, purr-machine!

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

A Purr-ific Ending! 

When buster arrived at that family’s doorstep, he was in pain and it could be seen from his eyes. He had probably roamed the streets for many years suffering.

Thanks to the family and the rescue team at Lollypop farm, Buster has made a full recovery and has a new chance at life!

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

Our story doesn’t end here. Two Months later, Buster was adopted by a wonderful family!

Courtesy of Lollypop Farm

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15 Replies to “Stray Elderly Cat Wanders to Porch, Hides His Paws Until Someone Finally Notices”

  1. I just opened my home to a stray orange tabby cat on July 4th…he came up the side of my house and jumped into my back seat…I was unloading groceries at the front of my house…live on a busy highway. My car is all black inside and out, so I knew he wouldn’t stay in there very long…left the door opened and headed down my steps to the front door…he got out and proceeded to follow me to my front door. Was super friendly and loving, but since I didn’t know anything about him I couldn’t let him inside for I had 3 cats and 2 dogs of my own…so put him in my new rabbit house that I purchased for my two sibling Chihuahua’s to keep him safe dye to the fireworks going off…next day we went to the vets for a check up…found out that she was a he that was only four to six months old…had him vaccinated since I didn’t know whether he had been or not…vet said a repeat wouldn’t hurt him, so all vetted up and home we went…let him in to meet my family of pets…still going thru the acceptance stage with some growing pains usually caused by the number one trigger for new arrivals of any kind…JEALOUSY!!! It’s only been three months and we still have our moments, but getting better with each passing day. The vet checked for microchip…NONE…posted missing cat on Facebook at HSOP shelter…no one reached out to claim…after three weeks I proclaimed he was a new member of our family…no way I would give him up…getting to be quite a handsome, big guy…so loveable and has his own unique purr and coo…always lets me know where he is…SYDNEY…call him Sid for short.

    That’s my rescue story and I know there are so many more amazing stories to be told…so let’s hear yours, please on any form of media…just let us hear them, so others will be more likely to rescue a stray or adopt a rescue…EITHER WAY…PLEASE SAVE A LIFE!!!

  2. p.s. Wanted you to know that when I had him vet checked they advised me that he had already been fixed apparently just a few months prior to his exam that day…want to stress how very important it is to have your pet spayed or neutered and keep up with his shots. Thank You!!!

  3. So happy that there great people are out there that helped Buster and got him treated . Thank God he’s healed and someone adopted Buster. Thank God for wonderful people who got him help and thank you to the people who healed him and to the people who adopted him God Bless you all !!!

  4. He’s adorable! Such a happy ending to his story, like everyone else out there, I would love to know how he had been living; was he dumped, his owners moved and left him alone, or what, and what happened to his poor little paws…..

  5. right now we have 19 indoor cats because we can’t turn away from a stray cat. healthy or not, injured or not, they don’t get ignored here. thank you to all who love and care for cats!

  6. I am so glad that wonderful family got Buster the medical he so desperately needed. Poor kitty – he must had been in horrible pain for a long time. Thank goodness he was helped and now has been adopted. What a heartwarming story with a happy ending for Buster.

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