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Meet Whiteleg! He’s a handsome 10-year-old boy from New York.

Thanks to one heroic couple, Whiteleg and his feral siblings were given a second chance at life!

His human mom, Susan, tells us all about him in the story below.

A Friendly Feral

My husband and I were taking care of a group of feral cats in our backyard.

One day we looked out, and there was another cat that had joined the group.

He looked a lot like one of the others, except for his white leg.

We ended up trapping and neutering the original group of 8, and eventually trapped Whiteleg also.

When he was recovering from his neuter surgery, my husband reached into the trap to put in a litter box. I told him to be careful and put a glove on.

My husband reached inside and, instead of hissing and biting, Whiteleg started rubbing against his hand!

He has been our sweet baby boy ever since!

Why is his name “Whiteleg”?

We named him Whiteleg, because that is what set him apart from the rest of the ferals that we were taking care of.

What does Whiteleg like to do for fun?

His favorite activity is sitting with dad while he’s reading the paper.

He also likes to sleep next to mommy when she sleeps late after daddy gets up in the morning.

When mommy isn’t looking, he likes to get into the line closet and sleep.

What are Whiteleg’s favorite treats and snacks?

He eats Fancy Feast with our house cats and Friskies with our ferals. He loves Temptations for a snack!

What is Whiteleg’s personality like?

He is a big, handsome tuxedo cat lover!! He greets everyone who visits with “open paws!”

He’s the sweetest cat around!

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Sharing is caring!


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