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Meet Abby and Ziva, two one and a half year old kitties from Ontario.

Abby and Ziva’s human, Ann, found these two girls online one day while she was surfing the web. 

“Their wonder was moving and couldn’t take them,” Ann said. “They would have ended up in a shelter if I hadn’t taken them.”

These girls were a bonded pair, and Ann couldn’t bear to separate them.

So, she just adopted both! The more the merrier. 

Abby and Ziva both have long, beautiful hair. But when Ann adopted them, their hair was very badly matted.

“They don’t like being shaved, but I had no choice but to shave them when I adopted them. I’ll never shave them again,” Ann said.

Instead, Abby and Ziva are pampered by being brushed.

“They have trained me to brush them frequently,” Ann joked.

According to Ann, Abby and Ziva’s favorite pastime is sleeping.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy getting into their own mischief from time to time. 

“At 4:00 AM they get the zoomies and you’d think it was a herd of elephants tearing around,” Ann shared.

“So, we get up to play and next thing you know you can’t find them. They have worn themselves out and are sleeping!”

When they’re not busy with the zoomies, trying to climb the curtains, or playing with Ann’s hair brush, they love nothing more than to cuddle with their humans.

Ann and her son named Abby and Ziva after their two favorite characters on NCIS.

Both girls are pretty particular when it comes to food.

They prefer Royal Canin with a side of Friskies mixed in. Dinner is their favorite meal of the day! 

“They are very undemanding until dinner time when they come upstairs after hanging with my son,” Ann said. 

Abby and Ziva aren’t shy when it comes to asking for what they want.

“They come up the stairs in front of him in full voices crying as if they hadn’t been fed in a month.”

Both girls also have a strange obsession with muffins. They’ll even go so far as to make their way into Ann’s lunch box to get them!

“I take one to work in the morning and by the time I get to work there is no muffin left in my lunch box,” Ann laughed.

However, these girls don’t want to eat the muffins. They just want to play with them.

“They have taken muffins out of my bag and batted them around until they’re inedible!” said Ann.

While they love to get into a little trouble, Abby and Zaiva are true sweethearts.

“They’re totally laid back except for during zoomies time,” Ann said. “They love to sit on my lap but don’t want to be on my lap together.”

We’re proud to call Abby and Ziva National Kitties!

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Sharing is caring!

Suzanne Roussel

Saturday 12th of December 2020

Thank you for sharing they are so adorable ? and sweet precious babies ?


Friday 11th of December 2020

I read this story to my daughter, whose name is Ziva Abigail "Abby". Great minds think alike!

Barbara Hansen

Thursday 10th of December 2020

God bless you for giving these beautiful kitties a new forever home after their previous owner had to give them up. They sound like they are such fun to have around