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Meet Derek, an 11 year old lover boy from New York!

Derek’s Human, Emily, adopted Derek when he was only 6 months old. 

Being Yankees fans, his mom and dad named him Derek because they already had another cat named Jeter. His nickname is “Derry Boy”. 

“He is half Maine Coon,” Emily said. “He is such a sweetheart, very gentle and loving. He is extremely affectionate.”

An average day for Derry Boy consists of plenty of naps and play time with his siblings, Jeter and Lily. 

He’s a middle child and loves caring for his older brother and younger sister. 

Derry Boy can often be spotted sitting next to his humans on the couch or bed. 

“He also loves bundling up inside the covers to get tucked in at bedtime!” Emily shared.

During the holiday season, his favorite toy to play with has become his Catnip Santa toy. 

His favorite food is Friskies Indoor wet food, though he’s been known to gorge himself on Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp flavored food too!

Derek is also a real sucker for treats.

While he loves his food, he loves his siblings more. 

“He takes good care of Jeter and his younger sister, Lily,” Emily said. He lets them eat before him and enjoys their company.”

Emily has nothing but praise for her little Derry Boy.

“He is loving, affectionate, and gentle: a real lover boy!”

We’re proud to call Derek a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!