Woman Rescues Baby Bobcat From Streets She Mistook As Kitten

Woman Rescues Baby Bobcat From Streets She Mistook As Kitten

It takes a loving soul to rescue a baby kitten from the streets. Most kittens look pretty similar because they are little balls of fur. Turns out, bobcat kittens look just like domesticated ones!

Keep reading to discover how this kind woman accidentally rescued a bobcat kitten…

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

An Unexpected Surprise 

Jill Hicks was driving  one day when she saw a little kitten scurry across the road. It was a very busy highway and she worried about the safety of the kitten. 

She couldn’t drive away without rescuing him, so she got out of her car to pick up the adorable baby. 

Not your average kitten 

She took it home, gave it some food, and made a space for it in the garage. 

When Jill took a closer look at the kitten, she was taken aback by It had its big blue eyes and pointy ears. 

Jill’s neighbor asked to take a look at the kitten. She started to examine the kitten and concluded that he was actually a baby bob cat! 

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

Plan B 

She was relieved to find that out because she was getting ready to give the kitten a bath and then put it in bed with her!

She was a little shocked. The kitten was not scared of her and climbed all over her like a normal kitten. 

 knew that she couldn’t keep a bobcat around the house (and no one should), so she decided to contact For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue. T

he organization rehabilitates skunks, foxes, and raccoons. They were happy to help!

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Baby bobcat gets a name 

The next morning Jill took the baby bobcat to her new home and discovered that she was a 5 to 6 week old little girl. 

Jill named her Arwen and handed her over to the rescue facility who could meet her special bobcat needs.

For Fox Sake posted a photo of Arwen on September 21stexplaining her situation and how to donate to help rehabilitate her. 

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

Arwen’s journey 

At the wildlife center, Arwen finally began putting on weight! She does not like to be around humans too much which is typical for a bobcat.

She likes to snuggle with her heartbeat pillow and has a healthy apetite. She’s independent enough to eat from a bowl instead of a bottle. 

Many people began following Arwen’s story and her updates on her social media—she has many supportive fans!

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

Bumps in the Road 

The wildlife center was happy with the process that Arwen had been making, until she started showing symptoms of being sick. 

After running some tests, they found out she was anemic. This is very common in kittens born in the wild. 

It happens a lot when they don’t have enough iron in their milk. Luckily, it isn’t serious and she should be fine long term!

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

What’s Next?

For Fox Sake does not think little baby Arwen is ready to be on her own in the wild yet, especially being anemic. 

They are taking great care of the bob-kitten and plan on  teaching her the things a mother bobcat would teach her baby. She will stay in captivity for the time being. 

There are other foster bobcats that will help Arwen mature and be more like her species. 

In 2020 the center plans to release her back into the Tennessee wilderness, where she will have plenty of woods and free space to be a true bobcat! 

She will be an older and smarter bobcat and will hopefully know to stay away from the busy roads. 

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

Happily Ever After 

Even though Jill Hicks rescued a baby wild animal instead of a kitten, she’s glad she did and looks forward to see Arwen living a happy and healthy life.

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