Woman Almost Adopts Baby Bobcat She Mistook as a Kitten – Dodges Danger Just in Time

Woman Almost Adopts Baby Bobcat She Mistook as a Kitten – Dodges Danger Just in Time

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It takes a loving soul to rescue a baby kitten from the streets. Most housecat kittens look pretty similar when they’re in the “fuzzball” phase.

Turns out, bobcat kittens look just like domesticated ones!

Keep reading to discover how this kind woman unknowingly rescued a bobcat kitten…

An Unusual Surprise 

Jill Hicks was driving  one day when she saw a little kitten scurry across the road.

It was a very busy highway and she worried about the safety of the kitten. 

She couldn’t stand the thought of driving away and risk the kitten getting hit by a car.

Jill pulled over, hopped out of the car, and rushed the baby to safety.

A Shocking Discovery

She took it home, gave it some food, and made a space for it in the garage. 

When Jill took a closer look at the kitten, she was taken aback.

It had big blue eyes, rounded ears, a big snout, and unusually big paws for a kitten.

Jill’s neighbor asked to take a look at the kitten. Once they examined the kitten, they were stunned by their discovery…

This was no average kitten – this was a bobcat kitten!

Not your average kitten… 

Jill was relieved her and her neighbor discovered the kitten’s true identity.

Before she realized it was a bobcat, she was going to give it a bath and tuck it in bed with her!

Jill was rightfully shocked. But she was in no danger for the time being.

Fortunately, the bobcat kitten was not scared of her and didn’t show any signs of aggression.

In fact, the bobcat kitten was playful and rambunctious like any normal kitten.

It would leap and climb all over Jill with glee!

Jill knew that she couldn’t keep a bobcat around the house (and no one should).

She knew doing something as irresponsible as keeping a wild animal in her house was both reckless and unethical.

Jill made the right decision and contacted For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue.

This incredible organization is famous for rehabilitating skunks, foxes, raccoons, and plenty of other wildlife.

They were happy to help!

It’s a girl!

The next morning Jill took the baby bobcat to her new home and discovered she was a 5-6 week old little girl. 

Jill named her Arwen and the rescue honored the name as what she would be called from that day forward.

Jill handed her over to the rescue facility who gently accepted her with careful precautions.

For Fox Wildlife Rescue was where Arwen belonged for the time being.

They were the right people to meet her special bobcat needs.

Arwen’s journey 

At the wildlife center, Arwen finally began putting on weight!

She likes to snuggle with her heartbeat pillow and developed a healthy appetite.

She became independent enough to eat from a bowl instead of a bottle. 

Once she started feeling better, she started acting much more aggressive toward humans.

For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue posted on their Facebook page, “Arwen is fearless and bold and has no interest in humans, which is exactly what we hoped to see.”

Arwen’s behavior toward humans is healthy and normal.

She should not have any interest in humans – this is a crucial survival instinct!

“For Fox Sake never releases animals that are tame or dependent on humans, ” the rescuers went on to say.

The rescuers shared their wisdom by stating, “Tame animals are less likely to be able to take care of themselves, and friendly animals are more likely to be killed by hunters and trappers.”

Many people began following Arwen’s story and her updates on social media—she became a celebrity with many supportive fans overnight!

Dangerous People

For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue were shocked by the reaction Arwen received online.

Several people reached out to both the rescue and Jill attempting to buy Arwen.

The ignorance and intentions of these people was disturbing. Who in their right mind would try to adopt a bobcat?

The rescue took the time to educate the people who attempted to adopt Arwen out of ignorance.

Arwen was not for sale or adoption. She was a wild animal who could not be tamed. She deserved to live a fulfilling life in the wild.

However, the rescue suspected there were people who wanted to buy Arwen for more cruel intentions.

While some requests to buy Arwen raised suspicion, her fans could rest easy knowing she was safe and sound within the walls of the rescue.

They would not allow Arwen to end up in the wrong hands!

Bumps in the Road 

The wildlife center was happy with the progress that Arwen had been making.

This changed when Arwen started showing symptoms of being sick. 

After running some tests, they found out she was anemic. This is very common for kittens born in the wild. 

This is largely due to not having enough iron in their milk.

Luckily, it isn’t serious and she would be fine long term!

What’s Next?

For Fox Sake does not think little baby Arwen is ready to be on her own in the wild yet, especially being anemic. 

They are taking great care of the bob-kitten and plan on teaching her the things a mother bobcat would teach her baby.

She will stay in captivity for the time being. 

There are other foster bobcats that will help Arwen mature and be more like her species. 

In 2020, the center plans to release her back into the Tennessee wilderness where she will have plenty of woods and free space to be a true bobcat! 

She will be an older and smarter bobcat that will hopefully know to stay away from the busy roads. 

Courtesy of For Fox Sake

Happily Ever After 

Even though Jill Hicks rescued a baby bobcat instead of a kitten, she’s very glad she did!

Both Jill and For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue look forward to seeing Arwen live a happy and healthy life in the wild where she belongs.

If you love baby skunks, raccoons, fox, bobcats, and other adorable wild animals, then you must follow For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue on Facebook!

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14 Replies to “Woman Almost Adopts Baby Bobcat She Mistook as a Kitten – Dodges Danger Just in Time”

  1. So glad you helped this beautiful baby find a safe home till she is ready to be released. Thanks for caring!

  2. A good story and of course she belongs in the wild. Stupid, human centric idiots who think she should be a pet. No sense or ethics at all.

  3. All of God’s creatures deserve a chance to be free to live without fear and thrive in peace. Thank you for giving her this chance.

  4. I don’t like to see the bobcat kitten portrayed as a “dangerous predator”. It is, but only if you’re a field mouse or a baby rabbit, as bobcats do not prey upon, nor do they attack humans. They want nothing whatsoever to DO with humans, it is actually very unusual to even see a bobcat in the wild. I have the feeling the lady would have left the kitten to it’s fate on the highway if she had known it was a bob-kitten. That’s sad, and it’s also propaganda. No way would it have been a real danger to her at that age. I’m glad she didn’t know what it really was, and therefore didn’t buy into the myth that bobcats are “dangerous” to humans. Any feral cat will react with fear (teeth and claws) when confronted with human intervention, I’m actually surprised she was able to handle it immediately. The many litters of feral cat colonies I have trapped for taming and re-homing are far more aggressive than the bobkitten was! Handling a feral 5 week old feral kitten is like picking up a running buzz saw, and I have many scars to prove it! LOL I just thank God she had a kind heart and saved it from certain death.

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