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Meet Casper! Casper is a sweet, 7 month old boy from Florida.

Casper met his human, Marian, after one of Marian’s friends found him abandoned. Marian’s friend knew that her cat, Milo, needed a friend. 

When she found Casper, she couldn’t help but snap a quick pic and send it to Marian

“A friend called me and said that my cat, Milo, needed a little brother and would I be interested in rescuing a kitten that was abandoned,” Marian said. “I couldn’t refuse.”

The vet said he couldn’t have been more than 10 weeks old! 

From the moment he entered Marian’s home, he and Milo were best friends. 

“He appears to be a Lynx Point Siamese and is a great companion for Milo,” She said. “the love each other immensely and are constant companions.”

Casper was almost given the name “Simba”, but Marian decided that just didn’t suit him.

She wanted a name that would match his almost white fur and mischievous personality.

“I saw a photo on facebook’s “Kitty Cat Club” that looked just like him and its name was Casper,” she said. “I immediately knew that name fit him perfectly.”

Casper is constantly on the go and loves playing. His favorite toys are the cat tree and his three way tunnel. He also absolutely adores his older brother. 

“Whatever Milo does and wherever Milo goes, Casper follows and imitates his big brother,” Marian said. “He likes to hide when he naps and sometimes Milo and I have to search my home looking for him.”

You know Casper isn’t a picky eater because he loves both dry and moist food. However, he does prefer fish products over chicken. He’s also a BIG treat guy.

Marian does her best to feed him in a healthy way and does not give him human food, no matter how much he begs, though she’ll occasionally indulge him with a bit of tuna. 

The only thing he loves as much as Milo? Marian. He loves his human so much.

“He loves to snuggle in my armpit and likes to gently bite my nose,” She said. “He frequently butts his head on me and rubs his face on mine.”

When asked about her love for Casper, Marian said this:

“I don’t know Casper’s history, as to why he was abandoned, but I’m so glad that my friend found him for me.”

Marian is so thankful that Casper is safe and loved in her home and no longer has to be scared on the streets. 

Casper is even more thankful and shows his appreciation daily.

We’re proud to call Casper a National Kitty!

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Sharing is caring!

Liz Greenspan

Saturday 8th of May 2021

What a beauty

Loleta Keitt

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

So happy for this family!! Our furbabies are our lifeline!! Thanks to the friend that rescued him . Prayers for a long well lived life for both babies!☆

Patricia A. Kihl

Tuesday 16th of February 2021

I luv it.