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Veterinarian Discovers Kitten Attacked by Stray Dog is Actually Half Bobcat

Veterinarian Discovers Kitten Attacked by Stray Dog is Actually Half Bobcat

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In January of 2021, a helpless kitten’s life was turned upside down when she was attacked by a stray dog. 

Fortunately, this wasn’t the end of her story. Fate had other plans in store for her. 

Keep reading to find out how this kitten’s intense rescue journey led to an even more shocking discovery. 

A Hero Steps Forward

Just when the kitten had lost all hope for survival, a miracle happened. 

A local woman witnessed the dog attack and sprung into action. 

Thanks to this woman’s bravery, there was hope for this kitten. She rushed her to the vet and waited with fingers crossed. 

The prognosis was not looking good. The kitten had a broken leg and a broken jaw.

The woman was confronted with a steep medical bill to get the kitten what she’d need to survive. She knew she was unable to financially support the kitten’s rehabilitation. 

However, she wasn’t ready to give up.

She reached out to a local rescue, Jen’s Kitty Rehab, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and her prayers were answered. 

Jen and her team welcomed the kitten with open arms, but the journey had only begun. 

Something Lost, Something Gained

The wonderful team at Jen’s Kitty Rehab named the injured kitten Ruie Ann.

Ruie Ann was about to face her toughest challenge yet.

The damage from the dog attack was so severe that she would need to have her front leg amputated.

Thankfully, Little Ruie Ann handled the surgery like a champ.

Despite the loss of her leg and still having a broken jaw, she was sweet and loving to her rescuers and the vet staff. 

She trusted them to protect and take care of her. It’s as if she knew she was in good hands.

The veterinarian decided that since Ruie Ann was so young, he would let her jaw heal on its own. 

Thankfully, her broken jaw did not interfere with eating and drinking. Jen and her team were determined to help little Ruie Ann gain some much needed weight. 

Her crooked mouth made all the more adorable, as if she was always wearing a playful smile.

Her rescuers were confident that somebody would fall in love with her and make her a forever kitty.

The worst was finally over. However, Ruie Anne was full of surprises.

What she revealed next shocked even the most experienced team of cat rescuers. 

The Truth Revealed 

Jen was delivered some shocking news when Ruie Ann went in for what was expected to be a normal follow-up vet visit. 

The vet approached Jen with a wild discovery: Ruie Ann was half bobcat!

The veterinarian explained that Ruie Ann is a “pixie bob,” meaning that she is a bobcat and domestic cat hybrid.

Luckily, being a bobcat mix wouldn’t interfere with her future life or chances of adoption. 

Jen was assured there was no need to admit Ruie Ann to a wildlife sanctuary– she would behave and live life as a normal domestic cat. 

 Happily Ever After

Jen and her team are amazed by how loving and trusting Ruie Ann is despite her tragic past. 

Ruie Ann has a strong will to live. She never let any obstacles or challenges bring her down. 

Soon, Ruie Ann will be spayed and receive her last round of vaccinations.

It won’t be long and Ruie Ann will be ready to find her forever home. Jen and her team are confident that she won’t have any problems finding an adopter.  

For now, Ruie Ann will continue to be showered with love and attention from her foster family. 

Her recovery process doesn’t seem to bother her. Instead she focuses on enjoying the simple things in life– snuggling, watching TV, treats, and curling up for a nice nap. 

This sweet girl has a lifetime of pampering ahead of her!

Be sure to follow Jen’s Kitty Rehab on Facebook and Instagram to see more of their incredible rescue cases!

This story was written by guest author, Shelley Craig Smith, on behalf of Jen’s Kitty Rehab. Shelley lives with her three forever kitties, Fonzy, Abigail, and Chicken Little in Mountainburg, Arkansas.

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Suzanne Roussel

Thursday 18th of February 2021

That is such a heart warming story, thank you for sharing have a great day ?

Diane Depietro

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Great story in Ruie Ann- the pixie Bob kitty! Amazing staff and how hard the probably worked to bring her up to par and ready for adoption! Hats off to them! How or when would it be possible to adopt her? She really DOES NEED a loving forever home! ?❤️


Wednesday 17th of February 2021

She is very beautiful wish I lived closer I would have given her a good home❤❤??

Denna Bowman

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Love, love this story!

Rosemary coyle

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Beautiful kitty, wonderful story!