Giant Tortoise Somehow Leads Hungry Stray Cat to New Forever Home

Giant Tortoise Somehow Leads Hungry Stray Cat to New Forever Home

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On a sunny spring afternoon, an Arkansas resident witnessed something very unusual.

A stray cat had noticed his pet tortoise and was attempting to break in his house!

Keep reading to find out how this hungry stray cat stalking a giant tortoise somehow landed a forever home instead.

A Turtle Stalker

The cat had clawed his way up the resident’s screen door and was meowing very loudly.

At first, the resident thought the cat might be in trouble.

However, the cat seemed physically healthy at first glance. Nothing appeared to be wrong.

It wasn’t long before the resident figured out what was happening. Roaming around the house was his pet tortoise, Abraham.

The cat must have caught sight of the tortoise and was trying to stalk him!

Courtesy of National Kitty

He must have been eager to get his paws on that giant tortoise.

Everywhere the tortoise would go, the cat would follow by running up to the nearest window he could see the tortoise through.

This cat was on a serious mission!

A Lucky Day For the Turtle Stalker

It just so happened that the resident had hired a cleaning service to work in the house that day.

The cleaning service employee reached out to Shadi from National Kitty to rescue the cat.

Shadi accepted him with open arms and fell in love immediately.

Courtesy of National Kitty

“He was such a sweet and goofy cat. He had definitely been around people before and I suspect he had been abandoned” Shadi tells National Kitty.

Shadi named him Toby after the red headed character on the popular TV show, The Office.

It didn’t take long for Toby to make himself at home.

Courtesy of National Kitty

“He acted like he owned the place as soon as he walked in! It was the weirdest thing,” Shadi tells National Kitty.

He guzzled down his tasty wet food and was eager for more. He was very affectionate from the start and was eager to snuggle.

Toby had not been neutered, but it was clear he’d been around humans before.

Shadi tells National Kitty, “Most cats usually hide or start smelling around the house. He just plopped down and made himself comfortable!”

Courtesy of National Kitty

A Cardboard Obsession

It was at Shadi’s house that Toby discovered his new passion – cardboard.

Shadi had moved the other cats to another room, but their toys were still laying out.

One of these toys was a vertical cardboard scratching board infused with catnip spray.

Courtesy of National Kitty

Toby could not keep his hands off of the cardboard. He spent a good hour scratching it, pawing at it, and even chewing it!

To this day he still loves shredding cardboard.

But Toby doesn’t discriminate – he will squeeze himself into any cardboard box or paper bag he can get his paws on.

Courtesy of National Kitty

Safety First

Before Toby could interact with his new cat brothers, he had to go to the vet for a health screening.

Toby did not have any pre-existing diseases, but he was covered with fleas.

He received parasite medication and was flea-free in no time.

After he was neutered and vaccinated, he was ready to meet his new cat family!

Courtesy of National Kitty

A Special Bond

Toby’s brothers, Moosh and Oliver, accepted him very quickly.

Shadi’s oldest cat, Moosh, had always been very wary of strangers and other cats, but he put all of this aside for Toby.

“Moosh is very protective of his territory. I was surprised that he accepted Toby so quickly!” Shadi tells National Kitty.

Toby was hard not to like, even for a grumpy cat like Moosh.

It was clear Toby was happy that he was finally safe under a roof with a loving family.

All he wanted was to make sure everyone –including the other cats– knew he was a friend.

Courtesy of National Kitty

Shadi’s second cat, Oliver, was only 6 months old at the time. He was an energetic kitten who was very excited to have a new play mate!

Toby and Oliver’s introduction couldn’t have gone better.

They were quick to tumble and play as if they’d known each other their entire lives.

They both had a lot of energy and enjoyed going on new adventures together!

Courtesy of National Kitty

Happily Ever After

Shadi and her boyfriend, Shaun, love Toby to pieces. He’s a special, quirky cat full of surprises. There’s never a dull moment with Toby around.

“Since then, he’s been nicknamed “King Puddin Paws” because of his adorable toe beans,” said Shadi.

Shadi and Shaun are so grateful that Toby was caught stalking a tortoise that day.

Had it not been for the tortoise, Toby would still be roaming the streets.

Now they have a wonderful new member of their furry family that they couldn’t imagine life without.

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17 Replies to “Giant Tortoise Somehow Leads Hungry Stray Cat to New Forever Home”

  1. I have 4 rescues, the last 2 days old and bottle fed for over a month. I lost my husband 4 months ago and would not have made it but for the love of my 4 babies. My 3 daughters have rescues as well. We have a lot of love in this family

    1. Bless you for being kind to those kitties as you endure the loss of your dear husband. I can’t imagine your pain. I’m solo after mine left 14 yrs. ago after I became so disabled I lost my job on the ambulance & left 1 year later! Now that my spinal cord is being compromised again & needing more surgery my sole companion is my 14 mo.old girl that was a bottle fed alley orphan. Her Momma must have been injured to not come back to her 2 kittens. I talk to her as I try rehabbing myself at home with another back brace to avoid another surgery. I figured when my little boys were here, we all talked to our pets & each other. Why not the kitty even though the boys aren’t here. They’re still family members! She has started being a little lady & confidante during this forced isolation, then curfews of 9p & our whole world becoming a stress filled environment. She is becoming my rock. I hope your love of your babies helps buffer the pain in your heart. It won’t be the same but all you can do is go at your own pace and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ve lost a 14 in 87 & you don’t get over major losses. We may learn to live with a broken heart, it doesn’t mean we we “got over it” ! You write any time if you like. Our fur babies bring comfort to the soul and give us that warm body we need to feel. Warmest wishes sent your way,, Theresa🌷

  2. A very good story, I have taken in 3 more rescues.. I have a friend that wants to bring in another kitty, but she is afraid her cat will not accept the new cat

  3. Wonderful story! I am always happy when animals in great need get wonderful loving homes. I wish all cats and other animals in need could all be rescued. I love all these kitty stories … thanks so much!

  4. Wow! What a heartwarming and inspiring story! I rescued my orange tabby, Susan from a parking lot and the rest is history! When we adopted her sister, Rosie, a few years later, there was some tension, but now they’re best friends and play every night. They even team up on me when they want something! Thanks so much for your kindness! God bless you and Toby!

  5. I enjoy these stories and seeing the love going to the less fortunate animals that need love & attention . I have smiled & shed tears on the different ones & share those feelings with my rescue baby now 14 months. She’s turning into a young lady & filling out but started fighting me with trimming her nails. Growling, resisting & biting. Since I am so injured & trying to not become paralyzed in legs from compressed spinal cord I have decided to try to get a mobile Vetrinarian to come to my little house recently moved back to after being at late parent’s house >10 years. I mentioned that part because I’m not totally back him with all effects, stored, organized etc. The Vet would be one that understands I am trying to rehab myself during a really rough time but I keep striving to put things back as they were.
    I’m hoping the Vet can give her a sedation shot, trim her nails, check her overall body condition & paws to see if she presents w/arthritis or any thing that could cause such a reaction. No more scruffing by “knowledgeable “ pet trimmers or spay/neuter clinics or impatient, crabby techs or doctors. She doesn’t present w/lameness but medical has to ruled out eventually. This is a quick fix due to many circumstances but her daily comfort is #1 reason to get basic nail trim under mild sedation bc she has been so traumatized by her past 2 experiences. It’s hard asking for help due to extenuating circumstances but that’s how it is now. My girl is my best friend and I will do what it takes to make her comfortable. Any input or suggestions always welcome. I’m just winging it in this stretch of life & trying to not get back surgery again or become paranoid from something as basic as cleaning her litter boxes. I’m going to use stools in different rooms to avoid bending as I usually do. The metal in my spine w/new shifting/breaking down is incredibly painful. I’m doing frontier medicine in trying to heal that bad spot at home & back braces. =^•^=

  6. What a LUCKY cat!!! And a GREAT Tortoise!!
    Please take off those handles on shopping bags if the cat is going to play in them. When they get their necks caught in those handles they panic and in one instance I saw a cat run in a panic, into a piece of furniture — with the shopping bag around its neck — three claws were torn off and the poor cat had to go to the vet after hours. The claws never grew back correctly — they grew back sideways.

  7. That is such a heart warming story ❤ I’m so happy he found a new home with a wonderful family and new friends ❤ he is so adorable and sweet precious baby they are beautiful babies 💗 💖 💕 ❤

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