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Meet Curious George! He’s a handsome 5-year-old boy from Rhode Island.

This sweet boy is just as smart as he is adorable.

Thanks to his 6 extra toes, he’s got some special talents!

His mom, Sandy, tells us all about him in the story below.

Sweet Beginnings

George is the most loving, curious little boy.

That’s how he famously got the name “Curious George”

I’ve known George since the day he was born. He was born into our family by a previous cat we owned.

His mom is now with my daughter, but George stayed with me.

I remember when he could fit in the palm of my hand.

Now at 5 years old, he’s a whopping 19 pounds and 2 and a half feet long!

What is George’s personality like?

Ever since he was a baby, George was always curious. He’s a little problem solver.

He was very keen on learning new “talents”, like opening doors, pawing open cubbies, and flushing toilets.

He’s very adventerous in his own special way.

George is a double polydactyl tabby cat, which means he has plenty of extra toes to explore with.

He has 26 toes, which can be tough sometimes when it comes to damage control around the house.

We try to get his claws trimmed every few months.

What does George like to do for fun?

George loves two things the most: playing fetch and cuddling.

He’s also an excellent hunter. Flies don’t stand a chance in my house.

George’s favorite food is Fancy Feast. Sometimes he’ll indulge in a delicious can of tuna.

He’s loveable, playful, and sometimes a little stuck-up!

It’s hard not to admire all 26 of his toes. Sometimes we call him “twinkle toes”.

This big orange boy is the love of our lives. I’m so happy he’s my baby.

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Sharing is caring!

Sharon Harlan

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

George is beautiful and sounds like a great cat


Monday 23rd of August 2021

I am so glad that George has a good home to be loved by a wonderful family. God bless you both for taking him into your family.

Donna L. Edwards

Monday 23rd of August 2021

What a sweet pea!