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Paralyzed Kitten Rescued from Road Purrs with Gratitude & Wears Tiny Diaper

Paralyzed Kitten Rescued from Road Purrs with Gratitude & Wears Tiny Diaper

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On a sunny spring day in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a jogger came across an abandoned kitten on the side of the road. 

As she approached him, she realized the kitten couldn’t move at all…

Keep reading to discover how a chance encounter saved this kitten’s life!

A Grim Situation

Instead of calling animal control or a local shelter and continuing with her jog, the woman selflessly devoted the rest of her day to helping this paralyzed kitten.

She picked the cat up, took him to her vet, and had him x-rayed.

Unfortunately, the x-ray revealed he had a broken pelvis, taking away all movement from the back half of his body in his tail and legs.   

The vet said he must have been hit by a car. No one other than the jogger had even bothered to notice the cat.

Knowing the kitten needed care beyond what she had to offer, the woman began looking for a rescue organization that could take proper care of this special kitten.

Rest and Rehabilitation

The woman was in luck – she contacted Jen’s Kitty Rehab, a rescue organization in Fort Smith, Arkansas that specializes in kittens with medical cases.

Jen welcomed the kitten with open arms. She brought him home and set him up in his own room. 

She put a litter box in the room with him to see if he might use it. 

“I don’t know if it was out of fear or out of instinct, but he went into it,” Jen shared. “But, he was not really successful in using it.”

They realized that the pelvis fracture had not only affected his leg movement, but had also taken away his ability to control when and where he uses the bathroom.

Jen purchased some diapers to prevent the kitten from having accidents.

Meanwhile, her vet had news on the chances of the kitten regaining mobility.

“The vet said that the fractures would heal, but he did not know if function would return,” she said. “We’re a month and a half later and the function has not returned, but his mobility is beautiful.”

He still can’t move his back legs. But, since the fractures have healed, his front legs are working double time!

A Bright Future

As Jen realized that the kitten would never be able to use back legs, she began to wonder what this would mean for his future.

This was her first time helping a paralyzed kitten and she wanted to make sure she could give him the best possible life.

After reading a similar story from The Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw, Jen felt inspired that this little fur baby could live a fulfilling life and get adopted.

“I watched her journey that she had with a kitten named Chloe and it gave me hope that, if he remained paralyzed forever, he would be loved and alive and eventually find a home!”

Getting Adjusted

Jen worked on getting his diaper situation dialed in so he could be as comfortable as possible.

“I ordered some cloth diapers, extra small, and they were too big for him,” Jen said. “Right now he’s wearing human preemie baby diapers with a cut for the tail and they work just fine!”

They wanted to give him a special name, so they thought of people like him who have been in similar situations.

She decided to name him Hawk after Stephen Hawking.

Hawk’s favorite things to do are pester the neighborhood cat, Pepper, and lying in Jen’s lap for snuggles.

Now, at 4 months old, Hawk is living his best life!

Jen is certain that when the time is right, he will find a wonderful home who can take care of his special needs.

We’re so thankful the jogger stopped to notice Hawk and brought him to Jen.

Had the jogger brought Hawk to anyone else, he might have been euthanized. A simple act of kindness saved his life!

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Sharing is caring!


Monday 14th of June 2021

Thank you for saving this precious little kitten.


Sunday 9th of May 2021

What a great story, I hope he finds a Great Home to someone who can meet his needs. Love him very much.


Sunday 9th of May 2021

To call him cute would not do justice. Hawk is absolutely adorable and a real heart melter. You are all angels for saving this lovely fur baby.


Saturday 8th of May 2021

If this had happened in the UK there is a marvellous special vet who could probably have repaired his broken pelvis. What a shame there is no-one like that in the USA!


Sunday 9th of May 2021

There are some vets that probably could but it is very expensive and beyond many people's budgets.

Molly L. Kasun

Saturday 8th of May 2021

The kitten is beautiful. The perfect pet for someone homebound who wants a snuggle buddy. He would never leave your lap! Every animal deserves a second chance at life, he's in that predicament through NO fault of his own. I trust he will find a Mama or Daddy who will give him special care, and live a long and loved life.