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Young Mama Cat Can’t Part With Runt Kitten, So Grateful They’re Adopted Together

Young Mama Cat Can’t Part With Runt Kitten, So Grateful They’re Adopted Together

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Summer the Calico cat was only eight months old when rescuers discovered her, but she was already too familiar with how unfair life could be. 

She was abandoned, pregnant, and living in a feral cat colony. 

Keep reading to discover how this homeless pregnant cat living on scraps was given the greatest gift of all.

Learning to Love

The workers at Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts (CARE) knew Summer’s rescue journey would be a tough one.

Like most feral cats, Summer was very timid at first. She was scared and didn’t know if she could trust humans.

Day after day, workers and volunteers tried to gain her trust and help her understand she was safe and cared for. 

Just as they started making progress, another obstacle appeared: it was time for Summer to give birth.

Courtesy of CARE

Miracle Babies 

Summer had been living a harsh life on the streets and become pregnant at an early age. 

Because of her young age and previous living conditions, the birth was very complicated. 

Vets had to give her an emergency C-section in order to save Summer and her kittens. 

Even then, the prognosis wasn’t good.

Workers were prepared to lose the kittens, but then a miracle happened—Summer gave birth to three healthy babies! 

The vet techs said the experience brought them to tears as they realized both Summer and her kittens were going to survive. 

Courtesy of CARE

Summer was a great mom to her babies. She nursed them, groomed them, and kept them safe and warm.

Many mama cats reject the runt of their litter, but not Summer. She cuddled the tiny runt, Splash, with extra special care.

She was nervous when vet techs took Splash away to weigh and feed her, but was happy when Splash was returned to her.

Courtesy of CARE

Summer’s hard work paid off and all three kittens grew up healthy and strong. 

Summer and all the kittens were fixed and vetted once as soon as it was time.

Two kittens were adopted into the same loving home, but Summer couldn’t bear to part with Splash.

Together Forever 

Summer and Splash were inseparable. She had grown very fond of her smallest baby, even after he was weaned.

Summer even taught Splash new tricks, like how to eat from a plate! 

Courtesy of CARE

They ate together, napped together, and played together. As the months went on, their bond only grew stronger as Splash grew bigger. 

Even though they were up for adoption, shelter visitors overlooked them in favor of more outgoing cats because Summer and Splash were a shy bonded pair. 

Finally, the perfect family came along and adopted them! Now, Summer and Splash are together forever. 

This mama cat and her tiniest baby will never have to be apart. 

Courtesy of CARE

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Sunday 14th of November 2021

I love these two so much!!! I have a little Splash myself of sorts- and he's about their age too ! He's always chiming in to comments people make, and I was like maybe I'm like Summer- and he said meow right away :) He also has a cat "mom" whose as sweet/lovely as Summer too. I'm so glad these two are together forever- and they are forever in our hearts over here too What a beautiful story and what a better world families like Summer and Splash make it- and the one who adopted them to remain together forever! Were so grateful too!!!

Barb Anderson

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Beautiful just beautiful. Love these stories.


Thursday 21st of October 2021

What a happy ending, I’m so happy they were adopted together.Thank you for saving them ,and finding them loving homes .❤️❤️❤️

Kathy parker

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Beautiful story. God bless fire keeping them togeather🥰

Terry Jensen

Thursday 21st of October 2021

I am involved in rescue and many of my cats come in pairs...I never break them up and if they don't or can't be adopted together then they stay here until they do. I believe they do much better and if separated in many instances it is very stressful and not good for their development...they are closer to me then most people and they deserve better .


Sunday 14th of November 2021

@Terry Jensen, I'm so glad that you do this. I just got caught up reading about another story where they didn't: https://nationalkitty.com/apple-and-blackberry/. I just wrote a lot on there... I get so sad thinking if Summer and Splash had not been adopted together, and maybe you heard of Ember and Flame...who thankfully were not either- but it seemed it wasn't for sure.

May I ask where your rescue is if I hear of anything like a bonded pair? More really needs to be done. I'm going to ask around shelters nearby too in case. I feel like it should just be a no question issue. I can't even comprehend someone with a pulse not seeing their attachment... How would people who do that feel if they never saw their friend again? They might not even want to eat. I agree with you, they deserve better. My cats are very close to me too more than most people too. They need more of a voice! these sweet little tiny tigers...