Meet George, The Cat Who Thinks He’s Human & Stands On 2 Legs

Meet George, The Cat Who Thinks He’s Human & Stands On 2 Legs

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Andrew is the beloved owner of an exotic cat named George – a kitty who seems to think he is just as human as his owners! 

Keep reading to learn about this kitty’s unique talent!

Courtesy of @george2legs

Out Of The Ordinary

Andrew and George live a happy life in Austin, Texas.

After about six months after adopting George, Austin noticed something strange about him.

He had an odd habit of standing on his two hind legs!

Courtesy of @george2legs

“He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Bizarre, but really sweet”, says Andrew. 

Everywhere he would walk, this fascinating feline would try to stand just like a human would.

It was something that both owners and onlookers had never seen before. Eventually, this habit persisted long enough for Austin to catch it on camera.

Just a few days later, the photos were uploaded online, and George immediately became an internet sensation.

He became known as the “cat who wants to be human” by thousands of commenters.

Rising To Internet Fame

After seeing all of the love that George was getting in response to the photos, Andrew decided that it was time to make George his own Instagram page.

The world wanted to see more of George, and he wasn’t about to let them down! 

He made his debut as “george2legs,” a reference to the kitty’s strange but charming habit.

On instagram, George can be seen napping, playing, and, of course, walking on his hind legs!

Some people, however, were not impressed by his posture.

See the photos below to get a glimpse of his profile!

Courtesy of @george2legs

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Addressing Concerns

In fact, they expressed concern that he was walking on his hind legs because of an injury.

Andrew has assured the critics that George is perfectly healthy.

Courtesy of @george2legs

“He runs on all fours, has a healthy appetite, and isn’t declawed,” Andrew says.

He goes on to mention that George has been a member of their family ever since he was six weeks old, and has always loved standing on two feet.

In fact, it might be one of his emergency responses.

Andrew mentions that when George hears something loud or frightening, he goes into “meerkat mode”.

This is when he shuffles his fluffy body onto his back legs in order to get a better view of the situation. He will remain in that position until he is sure everything is safe.

Family Bonds

George shares his home with two pugs, and he has become their “alpha.”

He can be seen standing over them on his stubby legs and looking down as if to make sure everything is in order.

Courtesy of @george2legs

This peculiar kitty has been keeping both his family and the public entertained with his human-like antics, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Andrew encourages anyone who wants to see more of this adorable kitty to follow him on Instagram and show their support!

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10 Replies to “Meet George, The Cat Who Thinks He’s Human & Stands On 2 Legs”

  1. Sorry, but I just don’t care for the “kicked in face” of this cat or any others like him. I think it’s cute that he sits on his haunches, and he could be gorgeous if his poor face wasn’t kicked in, but he needs to look more like a “cat”, not a Pug.

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