Suffering Kitten Regains Sight & Makes Beautiful Transformation

Suffering Kitten Regains Sight & Makes Beautiful Transformation

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This is a heartfelt story of a baby kitten desperately searching for help and the woman who answered his cries. 

Keep reading to discover how this woman gave a little kitten a new chance at life. 

A Shattering Cry for Help

Earlier this year, in Delray Beach, Florida, the founder of Animal Friends Project, Carmen Weinberg was notified of a stray kitten that wandered to a woman’s home in terrible condition, continuously crying for help.

Wasting no time, Carmen sprang into action to rescue the kitten. Upon her arrival the frail kitten was sitting in the yard.

His ginger fur almost completely brown from the dirt and the severity of his mange (a skin disease) was heartbreaking.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

His ears and fur were coated in a hard-like shell and his eyes crusted shut from mange.

He slowly moved toward Carmen and once he reached her, he let out a painful cry.

“He was crying loudly for someone to notice him and help him,” Carmen told Love Meow.

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Lending A Helping Hand

Carmen presented him with some food and instantly began to feast.

In order to get him safely into a carrier, she carefully pushed in a plate of food and he walked in with ease.

The following days, his rehabilitation started.

He began to shed little bunches of the hard-like coating from his fur and because of his beautiful orange coat, Carmen named him Simba.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

“I put coconut oil on his ears and head to help soften the crust and then used a flea comb to brush it off. Then I took him to see Dr. Maria Lowry at Chasewood Animal Hospital in Jupiter, Florida to be tested and vaccinated,” Carmen stated.

Seeing The World

After days of treatment and a bath, the day finally arrived — Simba opened his handsome eyes to see the world and for the world to see!

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

Simba is a whole new tabby. He is feeling and looking stronger with every passing day.

He has gained a healthy amount of weight, his energy level has soared, and the best part – he no longer has a veil of mange to hold him back.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

It Only Takes One

After roaming the streets alone, miserable, without sight, this ginger baby persevered and made it. 

He flops on his side when Carmen enters the room showing his affection and appreciation for a chance at a healthy, happy life.

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

“Simba has been with us for six months now. He loves to be touched and rolls on his back so we can pet his tummy,” Carmen said.

When no one else was there to bring Simba any hope of help, Carmen stepped in, gave this handsome tabby a chance at a better life, and he took it!

Simba, The Tabby King!

Simba has grown into a healthy, majestic, cat with a beautiful ginger coat and he is as sweet as can be!

Courtesy of Animal Friends Project

He is grateful his cries were answered by a kind stranger who changed his life forever. 

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6 Replies to “Suffering Kitten Regains Sight & Makes Beautiful Transformation”

  1. I have saved a few that messed up myself. my question always is…. how does an animal reach such a horrific point BEFORE someone is nice enough to help???? especially in town.

  2. Thank you Carmen for having such a wonderful ❤️. I wish there were more people like you! Simba is a very blessed kitty and very handsome!
    He looks very Happy 😃😺

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