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Tiny Kitten Found Blind & Abandoned By Mother Demands a Pacifier

Tiny Kitten Found Blind & Abandoned By Mother Demands a Pacifier

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On a rainy afternoon in July, a man was walking to his garage when he heard a squeak in the distance. 

At first, he though the sounds were coming from a bird. Then he realized it was a desperate cry for help.

The man started to look around to find the source of the cries. 

Before he took another step forward, an infant kitten emerged from the grass.

Keep reading to discover how this little kitten went from rags to riches, all while revealing an adorable habit!

A Cry for Help

He was crawling up to the man with his eyes glued shut from an infection. He was starving and navigating by sound and smell.

To make matters worse, he was soaking wet from the rain. He was in pain and his mother was no where to be found.  

The man took action immediately. He scooped up the little kitten and dried him off.

He then called his girlfriend, Shadi, to tell her of the news and ask for advice.

Help Arrives

Shadi arrived at the scene immediately.

First, she gently wiped the kitten’s eyes with a warm towel to soften up the crust and discharge that had glued his eyes shut.

Finally, the kitten could see again. He had regained his sight.

The next step was bottle feeding him.

The kitten happily latched onto the bottle and suckled until his little belly was full.

Mama Cat’s Decision

Shadi knew she had to give the mother a chance to come back and retrieve her kitten.

There was a possibility that the kitten had just wandered off and gotten lost.

The kitten was still very young and needed his mother’s milk.

His best chance at survival would be to stay with his mother until he was a couple weeks older.

Shadi intended on finding the other kittens and waiting until they were old enough to be separated from their mother.

After giving the kitten some much needed food and medical attention, they opened their garage and placed the kitten on a blanket.

They cracked open a can of wet food and set it next to the kitten in hopes that it would attract the mother.

The kitten’s mom did in fact return, but to Shadi’s surprise, she did not take her little one back with her.

She ate the can of food and left. 

Welcome Home!

Shadi decided this little kitten would be a perfect addition to their family.

They took him in as their own and named him Oliver. 

Shadi started round-the-clock care for baby Oliver.

He enjoyed being bottle fed, but it didn’t take long for him to start eating liquid kitten food. 

It was time for Oliver to go to the vet!

Oliver’s first vet visit went well. His received his first round of kitten shots and was treated for his eye condition.

Tiny but Mighty

With each passing day, Oliver grew into a beautiful kitten.

His big beautiful eyes were enough to make anyone smile.

What Oliver lacked in size he made up for in personality. He was feisty and playful.

Everyone who met little Oliver fell in love with him. His charm was irresistible!

As a kitten that was rejected by his mother, Oliver was happy to accept love and attention from anyone who offered.

As Oliver grew, so did his love for cuddles. That’s something that hasn’t changed to this day.

Oliver is extremely affectionate and can’t get enough attention. He’s determined to win the hearts of friends and visitors.

He playfully flops over on his back exposing his belly as if he’s saying, “let’s be friends!”

Paws & Pacifiers

Sometimes he still wanted to nurse on his mom’s finger!

“Since he was separated from his mom too early, he still has some quirky nursing habits,” said Shadi.

“My fingers are like a pacifier to him. I let him continue because it makes him happy and it’s the least I can do,” Shadi continued.

Reunited with Siblings

It wasn’t long before the rest of the kittens were located and ready to be adopted out.

Shadi set up humane traps to rescued the rest of the Oliver’s brothers and sisters when they were old enough to leave their mom.

All the kittens were spayed, neutered, and vetted before being adopted out to their forever families.

Oliver enjoyed the short time he had catching up with his siblings!

They were shy at first, but Oliver managed to pull everyone out of their shell.

Here is Oliver with his sister, Tulip!

Meeting the Big Brother

Soon it was time for Oliver to meet his big brother, Moosh. At first, Moosh did not like the idea of having a brother.

He’d been a (very spoiled) only child for a year and had no intention of changing that.

However, Moosh soon realized that it was nice having a little brother to play and cuddle with.

It took some time for him to get used to having another cat around, but they quickly became best friends. 

Moosh now loves having a buddy he can share his life with.

Between the two of them, there’s never a boring moment. They’re always up to no good!

Baby Oliver’s Happily Ever After

Oliver is always excited to greet Shadi with a friendly nudge and chirp.

He enjoys taking naps by the window and making biscuits on blankets and human bellies.

Oliver started as a tiny helpless kitten rejected by his own mother.

Now he has a family he can finally call his own. Shadi will always see him as the baby of their little family.

With his mom and big brother by his side, Oliver will never have to worry about being hungry or alone ever again.

They are so grateful Oliver appeared right when he did. They couldn’t imagine life without him!

Oliver will now enjoy being showered with love and attention for the rest of his life.

“I love him so much. He’s my tiny angel who never leaves my side,” said Shadi.

UPDATE: Many people have asked what happened to Oliver’s mom and siblings.

There were 7 other kittens in the litter that Shadi spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and found loving homes for.

Oliver’s birth mom, Daisy, was also trapped and spayed. She was very feral and could not be kept indoors, therefore she was released into Shadi’s backyard.

She has a heated shelter and is given fresh food and water every day. Everyone in Oliver’s family had a happy ending!

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Friday 14th of May 2021

I am glad that 9liver got adopted. It is so good that he is with his brother Moosch.

Suzanne Roussel

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

I love happy endings they are so adorable ? and sweet precious babies ? thank you ? for saving and sharing with me. God bless all you good and caring people.


Saturday 20th of March 2021

I too was wondering what happened to his mom and I am very pleased to hear that she is now spayed and cared for. Great work Shadi and Shawn. Cats rescued, loved, and no more will be born from them.

Shelley Cloutier

Saturday 20th of March 2021

I am so thrilled that this sweet kitty was found and rescued ! I absolutely love happy endings especially when it comes to animals Thank you so much I am also thrilled Oliver was reunited with all her brothers and sisters and his mom❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Saturday 20th of March 2021

That was a good story with a happy ending. So glD he us in a good home and with his brothers and sisters and I guess the mother. Olive is such a good name. I used to have a cat named Oliver. God bless yall.