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Meet Schmoopy! She’s a sweet 16-year-old girl from North Dakota.

Schmoopy’s old age hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She’s still just as playful and curious as a kitten!

Her human mom, Kathleen, tells us all about her in the story below.

A Rough Start

I rescued Schmoopy when she was 12 from a family that never took care of her properly.

Some people would say 12 is too old, but she had plenty of life left to live.

I wanted to make sure the rest of her life was spent comfortably with someone who loved her and took care of her.

When we got her, she only had one tooth, high anxiety, poor nutrition, and was dehydrated.

I found her on a rummage sale site on Facebook from a town that was about 40 miles away from where we live.

Everything changed when she joined my family. Now she lives like a queen!

Why is her name “Schmoopy”?

Her name before we adopted her was “Georgie”, but she never really responded to that.

She needed a new name for the newest chapter of her life. It was part of giving her a true fresh start.

One night, we were watching the TV show, The Goldbergs, and heard the mother in the show call her kids “Schmoopys”.

The name just fit her. She is my Schmoopy!

Since giving her a new name, she’s always responded to it.

It’s almost like she wanted to leave her old name behind with her old life. She has a new life now.

What does Schmoopy like to do for fun?

She loves to play and look out the window at the birds and squirrels.

She is always by my side just hanging ou, giving kisses and getting snuggled.

She loves to nap, especially with me.

What are Schmoopy’s favorite treats and snacks?

She cannot live without the Hartz Delectable Squeeze-Ups and the Temptations purees.

She also loves a variety of Temptations crunchy treats and Friskies Party Mix treats.

Because she has only the one tooth, we always break her crunchy treats in half so they’re easier for her to eat.

What’s Schmoopy’s personality like?

Schmoopy is sweet, funny, and very appreciative.

She is the best kitty and our lives would be incomplete without her!

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8 Replies to “SCHMOOPY”

  1. I definitely would give it my vote for kitty of the week. I love torties as I have one too. Schmoopy is big and beautiful.

  2. She is a very pretty girl and I’m very happy that you saved her from such a sad life and treat her like a queen every animal deserves love and happiness and protection!!

  3. Schmoopy is very lucky for a second chance. My heart goes out this wonderful family with the big hearts. Schmoopy is beautiful and like all cats she deserves the best. Thank you

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